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I think Digimon trounces Pokemon, in every area except for video games, but that's never been the main focus of that franchise. The anime tend to have really good arcs that actually end, the characters are usually pretty fleshed out and just beyond being darker, the Digimon anime are really well crafted. I can look back on the first couple of series pretty fondly because the characters were so endearing and the stories, even though they weren't incredibly innovative, were a lot of fun and by the end of each series you sort of got the feeling that the characters had grown a lot, something I don't think Pokemon has ever done too well.

I also enjoy the look to most Digimon more than any Pokemon, they strike the right balance of looking realistic and having a mix of fantastical character designs. Financially, yeah, Pokemon's the obvious powerhouse, but I think Digimon wins in a more creative level.