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    The way I see it is that crits, flinches, and status % chances are just lucky hits, game changers, a Divine Breath. :/

    I think a good battler would know how to come out of that situation 'cause odds are its just one pokemon that's out of commission. yeah i understand that it is completely crippling, but if you can put out of that and still win victory come out tasting so much sweeter.

    but that bring up the ability serene grace with its boost of those some haxs. Some trainers whole team is base on that with the hax items too. (once i fought some noob with a foucs band that pulled off twice. TWICE! *facepalm*)

    And then also moves like metronome and assist. I have a clafable that pulled of dark void twice back-to-back then used shadow force. i was stunned. then she would pull of moves like tail whip and wrap... the hax goes both ways

    Pokemon is like chess mixed where everything is planed, executed, and predicted, but there just that bit of poke' bulls***, and if your good, you can deal with it well.
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