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    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Hey for this event u need to raise one of ur pokemons cuteness,toughness, intelligence and other attributes. fo9r this ull need to give the respected shards to different ppl around kanto.
    okay so u need to get toughness, cuteness, and smartness (all 3 of them) on one pokemon. go to route 20 and go to the mining field where u break rocks and find stuff, i found the yellow shard there. and the green shard i found in the clafairys cave, by breaking rocks in there. and theres the way to the pokemon league tunnel close to where "lights, camera, quacktion" is. then crush rocks there to get a red shard. you should kno it takes forever to find these, so use them carefully unless u wanna go search the shards again. okay to use the shards... the red shard (coolness) should be found in this guys house while theres a pokemon battle outside his house, (pidgey vs rattat) correct me if im wrong. it should be in the town where the light house is. the green shard (smartness) should be in saffron city where u had to battle that crazy phsycic gym leader. when u find the house there should be a nerdy looking guy sitting in his s=chair, talk to him and thats where u get ur smartness. and finally the yellow shard, go to the city where u fought brock (pewter city) and go up, find this mans house in between all these trees and talk to him, thats where u get ur toughness. welp i hope this helps, now u can finally impress that stuborn director
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