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    Title: Dragon Island Blue
    Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
    Development Tool: cocos2d
    Status: Sent to Apple for Review, Coming Very Soon!

    Preview Video!!!

    "I was blown away when I saw Dragon Island in action. The amount of creatures in the game, coupled with the ability to evolve them and level up your own character has the potential for just a ridiculous amount of customization and strategy.” ~

    "Almost a cross between Pokemon and Shining Force. If you don't like the sound of that cross over you aren't a human" ~

    Plot: (not final...not even close..)
    The invention of "Monster Capture" marked a new era for human civilization in Dragon Island. Monster Capture is a technology that allows hunters to capture and train monsters. Guarded by armies of trained monsters, hunters could travel deep into Dungeons, collecting treasures and capturing powerful monsters.

    40 years later, the story begins in a small town on the southwestern shore of Dragon Island. At age 16, Tata is now ready to pursue his dream of becoming the best monster hunter in Dragon Island. On the day of departure, his grandfather hands him his first monster - a baby Dragon. To become a licensed monster hunter, Tata must travel to Victoria, the capital city of Dragon Island, and pass the national examination. The road to Victoria is long and populated with wild monsters - Tata's first adventure begins.

    At Victoria, Tata learns that passing the national examination and becoming a licensed monster hunter is merely a start. Hunter licenses come in ranks. Tata starts his career as a Single Star Hunter, but by gaining experience, collecting more powerful monsters, and passing additional examinations, he can rank-up to Double Star, Triple Star, Silver, Gold, and ultimately become a Platinum Hunter. Tata's real journey begins as he travels all around Dragon Island to capture different monsters and collect rare treasures so that he can become a Platinum Hunter.

    Key Features

    Ever wanted to build an army of monsters? Dragon Island brings monster collection to a whole new level.

    ★ Over 200 monsters. Collect. Combine. Evolve!
    ★ Strategic battles with hundreds of abilities
    ★ A game world so big it takes 16 screens to see
    ★ Collect gems, recipes and Soul Stones
    ★ 11 spirit totems, summon Time, Fate and more
    ★ A quest system tied to the game’s plot
    ★ 15 dungeons, including the Infinite Dungeon
    ★ Unique combat system allowing large battles
    ★ Unlock Breeder Licenses in the Arena
    ★ Universal app with Game Center support
    ★ Exclusive and Optimized for IOS, No DPads!
    ★ Challenges such as the Collection Hut, Capture Quests and Dragon Overlord hunt

    Can you defeat the Dragon Overlords? Can you solve the mysteries of Dragon Island?

    Screen shots and More!

    Greyhound Games, ZigZaGame, Maazeran
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