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    Nickname/what you want to be called: Soul

    Position: Storyline/Event/Side-Quest Writer

    When you're on and timezone: -5 UTC

    Proof of Work: I'll PM some idea's to you sometime tonight or tomorrow, when I have more time to spare on my laptop to type some up. Or you can ask the leader of Black Forest if he can share with you what I've given to him. Can also just write a short story to provide you with as proof - Pretty good imagination for stories and events in general.

    Way of contact: PM, VM or cell.

    Why you want to join: Always have wanted to see a Team Rocket game since I was little, even more since I learned about hacks a few years ago. Would love to give some idea's for events and side-quests.
    If ever you're looking for some help in writing a plot/events/etc for a hack or a fan-fic, I wouldn't mind offering some suggestions - Just PM/VM me.