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    Ok this is my first SU ever so tell me if i should edit anything. I hope my character isnt too much of a "goody two shoes"

    Name: Ben Holt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Class: Trainer
    History: Ben's mom died when he was at the age of 3. Him and his dad moved to a tiny house in a suburb of New York. He had trouble in school but when it came to pokemon he is a genius. The money was tight in Ben's home so he didnt have time to make friends. Instead, after school he would help his dad try to invent a brand new potion, one that heals every status effect, all of the pokemons health, and restores PP. They were never succesful at this attempt. When Ben finally turned 12 his dad caught him a pidgey and put it in a birthday box. So when Ben woke up he received his first pokemon. He tried to wake his dad up to thank him, but his dad wouldnt wake up...his dad passed away. After Ben had realized his fathers death he ran away. He took only his pidgey. People soon realized that the father had died and began to wonder where Ben had gone. Many people accused Ben of killig his father. The police continue to searh for him and are trying to take him to an orphanage. Ben realized that he can start a new life. He can become a pokemon trainer and be like any other normal kid in the world. So Ben began to train his pidgey. He was ready to become a powerful trainer...

    Appearance: Ben has brown fairly long, unkempt hair. He usually wears an old New York Mets hat that his dad gave to him when they used to go to games. His clothes are raggy and ripped up. He has fairly tan skin and brown eyes. He is very short and not many people would think he is 13 when they first see him.

    Personality: Despite Bens hardships he is a pretty happy trainer. He is nice to everyone but is very shy because he isnt used to meeting friends. He is also very good with pokemon. He tries his best not to have enemies but can fight back if people make fun of him or are mean to his pokemon or pokemon in general . He is very opportunistic about everything. Although he is a nice person Ben is really tough. He wont take no for an answer when it comes to battling and he is very courageous. If he gets into an argument with someone he tries to outsmart them with logic. But since he isnt very smart, most of the time he cant think of a clever answer. Ben is extremely afraid of the police because he knows if they find him they will take away what matters most to him, being a trainer. He is completely unaware of the HA. He is also extremely clumsy and always screws things up unintentionally.

    Pidgey (Tino)
    Lvl 12 male

    Pokemon personalities:
    Tino is an energenic pokemon. He hates being inside a pokeball but if him and Ben are hiding from the police he will be okay with going inside one. He is extremely clumsy like his trainer and not a very good flyer. Tino is on the weak side when it comes to battling but he trains hard and tries his best to get better.[/SIZE]
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