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It was cute and I applaud the effort. There were a lot of things I didn't like, though... Firstly you didn't have to recap the match after every turn. I don't know if it was just me but that got annoying and I just scrolled through it. You can do it after every kill but if you feel the need to recap after every turn, you can do it in a format like this:

- 100%
- 66% see what I mean? It's a lot less huge and less painful on the eyes. You can do a whole team update, sure, but I think that'd be best saved for after each KO. Lastly I think that there are better battles to use, really. There weren't really a whole lot of warstory-quality moves (yeah drakow accidentally sacing Haxorus when it would have done a significant number to p2 and wearing down Heatran is what he wants, anyway) and that Drakow basically was clean-swept by p2 in the first place. I think some fixes on the commentary would help that (several times you both used the same terminology which was kinda... weird, and you both referenced things that'd happen in the future too), but most of the things I had an issue with were in the battle itself. That said, it's a wonderful effort and I think it's great some people are trying out battle logs, but I think that there might be a few better battles to use than this one.