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    If we are going by the animes, then most definitely Digimon, and for many reasons: Each season is different, they have storylines, and they rarely recycle plotlines except for the whole "save the world" thing, but that's a universal concept.

    Originally Posted by Digimon Kaiser View Post
    Anime wise? Digimon, hands down. Pokemon is getting kinda dull, even in BW.

    My favorite season of Digimon at the moment is probably Tamers, I watch it subbed on Hulu.

    EDIT: Why does Leomon always have to die?! Seriously.
    True, anime wise, Digimon is definitely better, mainly because the Pokemon anime is the same thing over and over again, and it has gotten old and very boring to older fans of the franchise, and while I know it's a kids show, it just solely appeals to that audience and refuses to appeal to the older fans of the franchise. This is why a lot of people like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, because it has a lot of the things the Pokemon anime lacks. To an extent, the anime has put a pernament scar on the Pokemon franchise as a whole, in a similar manner to how Aquaman's potrayal in Superfriends put a pernament scar on him.

    Yeah, I have no idea why Leomon always has to die, it's like they have the need to put a Leomon in the show, and then kill him off.

    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
    That's what I've been trying to tell people about the BW anime. It's less interesting and that hardly any Pokemon has personality. I don't understand Tepig(lol Tepid and Pig), Roggenrola, etc. And that my favorite Digimon anime was Digimon Frontier.
    Agreed, while the Pokemon in the DP anime like Infernape and Buizel had distinguishable personalities that made them likeable characters, the Pokemon in Best Wishes are very one dimensional, and are basically soulless battling machines with barely any emotions, made only to battle other peoples Pokemon and nothing else, while the human characters get all the focus in character development (with the exception of Ash) while ignoring the very creatures that name the franchise, like they are just there in the background serving barely any to no purpose whatsoever other than to battle others, the only Pokemon that really even HAVE personallities are Axew and Oshawott, and both are considered to be "The Scrappy" of the BW season, especially given how much screentime they recieve compared to the rest of the Pokemon in the cast.
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