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By testing them out via a script, I guess. Thus meaning that an emulator, a script compiler and eventually an map editor is all you need. Here's a script you could use for making your own list (which is totally unnecassary, since you've already got some lists in this thread), assuming you use XSE:
#dynamic 0x800000

#org @main
sound 0x8000
buffernumber 0x0 0x8000
msgbox @text 0x6
addvar 0x8000 0x1

#org @text
= Sound [buffer1] !
All you need to do then is just start the script ingame over and over again, write down the number and give the sound you hear a name. This works for many other comands, too, btw. (Say you'd want to make a list of items, you would use giveitem 0x8000 0x1 0x0 instead of sound 0x8000 ).
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