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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
Obligatory "is my sig okay" post.
Yours is okay!

Originally Posted by Lolipiece View Post
Mine complies with the rules, right?
Yes it does. :)

Also while I don't know the answers to most of the other questions, on the Youtube front, they haven't been allowed in the past for signatures so I'm assuming unless anything was specifically stated, they'd still be disallowed, though if an upper staff member knows otherwise they can correct.

And in regards to previews on signatures, Jake mentioned earlier that due to something already having the name for signature previews he can't make a special template for it, so technically as far as I know for now you'll have to just check when you make a post. :(

Actually @TheSmartOne, and also since the code only applies to height, then technically you can centre your signature wherever and it won't count (for now, who knows if width code will work in the future somehow).

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