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    Dear Anonymous,

    I hope you guessed who I am, and I hope you're reading this. You are very, VERY lucky. You see, I view ALL of you as less than people. What have you done to prove otherwise? You eat, you drink, you screw, some of you use drugs, and you will do ANYTHING to gain the acceptance of others.

    You are PATHETIC! Now as to why you're lucky that I view you this way. Through out the years you've outcast me, taunted me, and dragged my name through the muck. You did it without caring whatsoever about the damage you may have caused me. You've joked about how one day i'd shoot everyone, or blow up the place.

    You're lucky that you aren't even worth bullets or bombs. You aren't worth killing. What made you think you were? You are useless. The cockroaches that I flush down the toilet are worth more than you. The crap that sticks to the toilet seat is worth more than you.

    But, that's not all you're lucky for. I am a Christian, I am a moralist, and contrary to what you may think, I have a heart, and it is broken. Why did you do this to me? Because I acted different? I have asperger syndrome. I couldn't help the way I was. I didn't know how to interact in a socially acceptable way, and I still don't.

    What have I done to you to deserve this?

    Dear Anonymous,

    I loved you, and you at least liked me back from what I can gather. You were an outgoing person, why didn't you just approach me? Why did you have to wait until I screwed it up somehow. I'm sorry about that by the way. I was talking to myself not you that day by the risers. I talk to my self a lot. I could see the hurt on your face. I'm sorry.
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