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Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
I'd like suggestions on a new UU Special Sweeper, since I can't decide between a whole bunch of potential candidates, I'd like to hear suggestions on the best one before I go ahead and make my decision.

Thanks peoples. :D
Well you have 3 weaknesses to Fire, so I'd recommend Kingdra and having something set up Rain Dance for it, which makes it legal. I run HP Electric, but I'd say you should use Fire to hit Steels which would otherwise wall your entire team, especially Ferrothorn. Steel/Bug types are also a huge problem for your team.

Kingdra takes almost no Fire damage, especially in rain, so swap whenever you are predicting a Fire attack.

*shrug* I can't see any other special sweeper working well with your team. Chandelure would be the next best, I think, but it has a lot of weaknesses and doesn't complement the rest of your team well.
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