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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Is my signature fine? I think it is but still want to make sure. >:

EDIT: The width changes depending on what layout people use. Not sure what to do about that, honestly. It's an image and text aligned to the side.

EDIT2: Since the width fluctuates, I think it shouldn't be an issue since it's not a set amount of pixels but a fluctuating amount to fit people's layouts. Because of that, it won't really ever be too wide.
Well, since the blank space rule only applies on height, it's fine. With width, text doesn't matter, so the fact that your text may be outside a 600px box doesn't contribute to anything. So basically as long as your images are within 600px, then all's good.

Originally Posted by legendarypokemon View Post
Just checking to see if im following new sig rules
No scrollbox, so yup you are following the rules.

Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
Does pawlicious implement the scroll box?
If not, could somebody point me to a theme that *does* ?
Or, is mine in compliance? I think it is... but, can't hurt to check.
Yeah, Pawlicious does. :) There's only about 4 or so that don't implement it, anyway. But yes, yours is fine.

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