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Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
Hi, Wymsical here. So I'm kinda new at this competitive battling thing, in other words I'm a total n00b. And this is, of course, another rate my team thread. Although I'll probably update all the Pokemon here depending on what my team gets rated. Please, I'm open to all constructive criticism, suggestions etc etc. I don't know if the Pokemon I'm using are fit for their roles, I'm contemplating replacing Froslass with something like Roserade.

Like it said in the title, my tier is BW UU, That means I don't use the big boys like Blissey and Scizor, I'll get to that later. I figured I'd start in a smaller metagame and work my way up. I take most of my information and movesets for Pokemon from Smogon University, and I have a basic concept what competitive play is like.

Anyway, enough bout me, on to my team.


(The basic Utility set from Smogon University)
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Snow Cloak
Gender: Female
Nature: Timid
Moves: Spikes, Taunt, Pain Split, Ice Beam.
EVs: 248 HP, 84 Defense, 176 Speed.

Use: Froslass is my spikes lead. Her main purpose is to Spike the opponent with her high speed, and Taunt if necessary. Her other moves are there for basic attacking prowess: Ice Beam for STAB and Pain Split for recovery. Despite really low stats in all stats but Speed. Most of the EVs were therefore invested in Defense, so that she could hold out as long as possible.


(Had to make this set myself, because there were none for BW on Smogon)
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Leaf Guard (Didn't really matter cuz my team isn't a sun team)
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Hidden Power Rock, Roar.
EVs: 252 ATK, 252 Speed.

Use: I chose Leafeon for my Physical Sweeper because she has great Defense and obviously almost equally great ATK. With one set-up Swords Dance, Leafeon can begin sweeping with both Leaf Blade (STAB) and Hidden Power Rock (Coverage against most of Leafeon's weaknesses: Flying, Bug, and Fire) For the last spot, I took Roar because if Leafeon ever came across someone she couldn't handle, it would be Roared away and replaced with another of the opponent's team which will be damaged from Froslass's spikes, and it might hopefully be a better Pokemon to sweep. If not, I just switch to a better Pokemon. EVs are invested in Attack and Speed, of course.


(Using the classic SubSeed set to drain.)
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Overgrow
Gender: Female
Nature: Timid
Moves: Substitute, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Hidden Power Fire
EVs: 252 SP Attack, 4 SP Defense, 252 Speed

Use: Sceptile is my Drainer. I use Drainers because they're freakishly useful, stealing opponent's HP and giving it back to themeselves. The SubSeed is the greatest Drainer set, starting off with Substitute and then Leech Seeding, followed by various Giga Drains from behind the Substitute. Leftovers is there to restore HP too, and being unending it is really helpful. Hidden Power Fire is there to cover the danger of other Grass types, who resist Sceptile's Draining powers. It will hit them hard. The EVs are invested 252 in both SP Attack and Speed, since those are Sceptile's two best stats, and slightly in SP Defense to help keep him on the field.


(I was forced to use the OU Defensive set for this one, since they hadn't made anything for UU and I seriously doubted I'd be able to make one myself. I did make two change though.)
Item: Eviolite
Ability: Pressure
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
Moves: Pain Split, Will-O-Wisp, Night Shade, Payback
IVs: 0 Speed
EVs: 252 HP, 80 Defense, 176 SP Defense.

Use: Dusclops is basically my tank. I chose her over Dusknoir because Eviolite doubles her best stats, making her a much more potent threat. Pain Split is a recovery move, Will-O-Wisp is for crippling, Night Shade is the attacking power of choice since Dusclops has low attacking powers, and then there's my one change. Since this isn't OU, the need for Ice beam disappears, and I never liked Taunt too much, so I replaced them with Payback. In my experience (In-game and competitively) I have discovered that Dusclops and Dusknoir are awesome users of Payback. Because they are so slow, it's almost guaranteed that the opponent strikes first. Dusclops can most likely hold this hit because of its stellar defenses (despite terrible HP) so after that, it's time for sum Payback with Payback. It's also her most potent weapon against Psychic-types who will come in wanting to destroy poor Dusclops. The Sassy nature compliments this, lowering Speed even more and higher investments in SP Defense. The IV of 0 Speed only adds to this, and the EVs are invested in Defenses, mainly HP so Dusclops can hold the fort.


(Umbreon is one of my personal favorites, so I just had to use it. It uses the Wish Support set from Smogon)
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Synchronize (Chose it over Inner Focus because the enemy will probably status Umbreon in hopes of making me lose my cleric, and Synchronize makes that even)
Gender: Female
Nature: Careful
Moves: Wish, Payback, Heal Bell, Protect
EVs: 252 HP, 4 Defense, 252 SP Defense

Use: Umbreon is my cleric. She is very useful due to the fact that she has the Wish/Heal Bell combo, making her a great Cleric. She boasts great Defenses all around, which helps her beat off an attack coming at her when she switches in to Wish or Heal Bell the team. Protect is there if Umbreon ever needs to use Wish on herself, she can Wish, Protect, then have her HP Healed. That only works if she's facing a slower Pokemon, though, which isn't likely. That's why I have with me Payback. Umbreon is a great user of Payback because of low Speed, coupled with the fact that it's a STAB move, it deals out nice damage for something with such low Attack.


As you've probably noticed by now, all my Pokemon are female. This is a nice trick a friend of mine taught me: Most people put the move Attract on a female Pokemon because the majority of used Pokemon in competitive battling are Male, therefore if you have a mono-female team most Attract-users can't get to ya

Also, you've probably noticed that I only have a team of five. This is because I discarded my Special Sweeper because it was unfair to use it in UU Play (It was Volcarona ) I'd like suggestions on a new UU Special Sweeper, since I can't decide between a whole bunch of potential candidates, I'd like to hear suggestions on the best one before I go ahead and make my decision.

Thanks peoples. :D
I am a bit of a RMT critic. Your team has a massive weakness to Bug, Flying, Dark and Fire so you'll need to change a few things here and there.

You'll need a Water-type with Ice Beam do deal with Grass-type Pokemon.

Jellicent is a nice one with bulky Sp. Def and HP. Recommended nature would be Modest since its attacks are more Special-based, a moveset I suggest for it would be Ice Beam, Surf, Shadow Ball and Toxic/Attract.

Cursed Body is a nice ability for Jellicent as it has a chance of disabling an opponents attacks.

Attract is good if you get a female one since most opponents (as you said) would be male.

For a good Fire-type attacker, I suggest you should try Darmanitan - its attacks that cause beneficial secondary effects naturally are increased in power due to Sheer Force (although you lose the secondary effect). It has a high Attack stat too so I recommend a Physical-based moveset and the nature I recommend is Adamant since Darmanitan's Sp. Atk is very weak and Adamant nature boosts Attack. A good moveset should be Earthquake, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm/Brick Break and one other random attack.

Hydreigon is a good Special attacker, I have one with a Docile nature that currently knows Acrobatics, Dragon Pulse, Crunch and Flamethrower. The reason mine is balanced between Physical and Special is because of the Docile nature.

I love using my Hydreigon in the Battle Subway and she literally slays a lot of opponents (except Dwebble and Crustle due to X-Scissor).

If you want to invest in Hydreigon, Dragon Pulse is a must-have move. Dark Pulse can only be obtained by breeding with a Gyarados, Ekans, Arbok or Seviper that has learned the move in Gen IV and sent by Poke Transfer. It's a bit fiddly, so I don't recommend Dark Pulse.

Seviper is in both the Field and Dragon egg groups, so you can still do the Dark Pulse breeding trick by getting a male Smeargle to Sketch Dark Pulse, breed with a female Seviper and if the offspring Seviper is male, breed with a female Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon and you still might get that Dark Pulse Deino.

Smeargle are found on Route 5 during swarms, while Seviper can be caught at Village Bridge.

I recommend Dragon Pulse, Crunch (assuming it's a Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Serious or Quirky nature) and two random moves to counter it's weaknesses.

Eelektross is also one to look at, it's very balanced between Physical and Special Attacker plus it has a wide movepool and Levitate ability. Some moves I recommend are Thunderbolt, Acrobatics, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Dragon Claw, Brick Break and Rock Slide plus there's Crunch if you like. It all depends on the nature of your Eelektross if you should invest in Special or Physical moves.

And remember, TM Moves is where Eelektross shines and because in B/W TMs can be reused, so you switch Eelektross' moveset as often as you like. It's definitely something with capabilties, Speed is its only low point but you have no weaknesses to worry about (just watch out for Smack Down as that move disables Flying-type and Levitate ability)

Physical Attacker natures for Eelektross: Adamant, Brave, Naughty, Lonely, Jolly, Careful, Impish

Special Attacker natures for Eelektross: Modest, Mild, Rash, Quiet, Timid, Bold, Calm

Mixed Attacker natures for Eelektross: Any nature not listed above

And as Keiran and I mentioned, you have a massive Fire weakness so you need to change around a bit. You could go with what I mentioned, although Keiran should suggest going with Kingdra as it has only one weakness and a good moveset would be Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Rain Dance and a Water-type attack for STAB.

Also, as Keiran said Steel/Bug Pokemon like Scizor and Escavalier and also the Grass/Steel Ferrothorn can also be trouble for you.

Chandelure is a great Special attacker but has 5 weaknesses. If you plan on using a Chandelure, counter its weaknesses if you can. Energy Ball is great cos it's a Grass-type move and can counter Chandelure's Rock/Ground/Water weakness. Shadow Ball and Flamethrower for STAB and to deal with Dark-types, invest in a Fighting or Bug Hidden Power.

Or you can try getting an Infernape via Poke Transfer cos it's popular in competitive play, it's fast and hits hard. A good Infernape moveset is Flamethrower (STAB), Focus Blast/Brick Break/Close Combat and probably Grass Knot and Earthquake/Stone Edge. I recommend a Naive nature for that extra Speed.

It's all up to you!
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