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Leon Nef- ????

"Come on Leon," the first man exclaimed, "you should join up so we can work together! It would be fun!"

Instantly, the short man gave the Jeremy a disapproving glance, and he quieted down. Just then, he began speaking again. He had an air of command about him, yet from what it sounded like, there appeared to be someone above him.

"The Syndicate simply needs the assistance of your...expertise to help them achieve their motives. Like I said, you will be paid for the work you do, like any other job, except you have to accept the jobs they give you, no matter what conflicts of interest you have."

It was less information than Leon wanted, but if the pay was as good as the man claimed, it might have been something Leon should check into. Leon eyed over the two men standing on either side of the shorter man, acting as his intimidation agents. In honesty, they were doing their job quite well. Although Leon wasn't scared, he was a bit nervous. He had no idea where he was, taken by an unknown organization, and offered a job. Any normal sane, reasonable person would walk away. But Leon really had no idea what to expect. What if they tried to kill him if he left? He had no knowledge of their reputation, and at this point, he knew absolutely nothing about them.

The logical choice was this: stay around, if only for now, and if it doesn't prove worthwhile, run.

He was good at running after all.

"Alright, bald man. I'm in. I still wanna know some more, but I'll play along for now. But..." He turned to look at Jeremey, and pointed at him, " I have to go with him?"

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