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River Beleren - London, England.

I got a question… your highness. I did not come here to sign up to work for the Atlantean Royal Family and to work with these people, no offense to anyone. I am sure you are all fine people. I did not come here for training or a career opportunity. I came here to register for a ID saying "Atlantean". So tell me, princess, why the ruse? Why not tell us what we are getting in now instead of acting like every other damn politician?" Asked the large man standing beside Oakley. When River had hugged Oakley, she could smell the man, his noxious body odour reminded her of cigars, bring her back to her days working in the bar in northern Beijing....memories of a past she wished she had never had.

"Christian, if I am not mistaken," River now talking to the man who towered over her, "of course this is all entirely optional, but it would be within both of our best interests that you teamed up with us to better control your ability, and to help the world to become a better place." River was not one for dramatic pausing and effects in her speech, but this boy, this man tried to group her in with Politicians, River herself was no politician, Blayze was the more political one of the group.

It didn't take River long till she figured out what she wished to say, "Mr. Calaway, we have no ulterior motives, our only motive is to help our fellow Atlanteans gain better control over their respective abilities." She tried to stress the last part, most, if not all Atlanteans had very little control over their powers, the stronger ones needed to be trained before they destroyed something and spun the world into a rage filled genocidal war....River shook her head, the Oracle's words still ringing in her mind.

Composing herself, River returned to the group of Atlantean's, "We would much appreciate your cooperation with us, any of you, but if you feel the need to do so, the door is that way," she pointed off to her right, "once through you will be given your Atlantean Identity and let free into a world; a world where technically, you have no rights." She looked at Christian when she said this, they needed as many people on board as possible, "Your choice."

Michael Cale - London, England.

Michael watched River plead her case, although there was not much pleading involved, merely her trying to convince them they were safer in here, as she added the idea of them having no rights being Atlantean, Michael's legs began to shake as one of his fears came true; by signing up he was no longer a British Citizen, he had given that up and now he inwardly cursed his abilities for making him an outcast of society. The all too familiar burning sensation in the back of his eyeballs flared up, and as Michael lifted his hands up to his eyes, pushing inwards with his palms as if he was trying to push the pain out, she saw the walls of the building turn into vapour. Even with his hands against his eyes, eyelids squeezed shut, the world was still visible to him. Pulling his hands down from his eyes, now a steely grey, he looked around the room, tears creeping down his cheeks as the world uncovered before him. He could see through River's coat, her naked body covered in a black jumpsuit under the cloak before his eyes saw through the jumpsuit to her naked body. The floor disappeared showing concrete, then dirt further down while the walls revealed the ever present busy London streets.

He closed his eyes, trying to shut it out, but they compensated for it and the world opened up before him again. This time he downcast his eyes, catching Oakley's cast out of the corner of his eye, an noticed a greyish metal that covered her arm. This could not have been her cast, and no matter how hard he tried, Michael could not see through this mysterious armour, not that he had much control over his powers anyway.

"Oakley..." he croaked, the words lost in his mouth, "what the hell is on your arm?!? Is it your ability?" he asked her, he must have seemed stupid asking her with his eyes closed, weird in that fact as well, but it took him by surprised, the way her power had manifested. Yeah, his vision was a crappy superpower, it could do next to nothing, yet his younger sister got some metallic armour? It all seemed unfair to Michael.

He turned to River Beleren, looking at her through his closed eyes, her clothes slowly giving way to his vision, "Please, I will stay, but please teach me how to control this curse!" Michael was beyond upset and he did not have to look into a mirror to know that he had tears streaming down his face, he was pathetic, and weak, just like his superpower, and it was killing him from the inside.
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