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    Thanks a lot for the review! I really appreciate it!

    - - - - - -

    "Alright, lets just stop," Shaun said, completely exasperated by how the day was going.

    Not a single pokemon had stayed or been worth capturing. All the Phanpy rolled down the hill after a single hit, the Geodude jumped off cliffs or were too weak to be considered useful, and an interesting little pokemon with a skull mask called Cubone that Shaun had even considered interesting ran away with tears. No baby pokemon on his team. And, to top it all off, much to Riolu's frustration, Shaun still only knew to use Force Palm. Despite using his pokedex on various pokemon, he had yet to use it on his own pokemon.

    In all honesty the thought had truly never crossed Shaun's mind.

    Intelligent in some areas Shaun may be, and a survivalist to be sure, but when it came to this sort of technology stuff, he really didn't know anything.

    "Rio," Riolu breathed, panting horribly.

    They had just fought their toughest opponent yet. It had been a Baltoy, a little ground and psychic type that had a body that allowed it to spin like a top. Riolu had been doing fine, pitting up against its physical attacks, but a well aimed Psybeam had forced Riolu to his knees. It was only with Riolu's quick thinking that it ignored its trainer's command and used a hasty Quick Attack, effectively sending it tumbling down the mountainside.

    "Well at least I know you have another attack," Shaun muttered, taking a large gulp of water from his water bottle before handing it to his tired pokemon. "Here, take a rest at least. I don't need a half dead pokemon."

    Riu," Riolu thanked, sitting down and drinking the rest of the water.

    Shaun set his bag down and began to search for something to eat. He had some canned food and some other things that would be better off with a fire, but he had no wood. Also, after fiddling around with his pokedex, he realized he still didn't know how to access the pc, so getting that free pokemon food would have to wait. Grimacing, Shaun opened a can of ravioli. He didn't mind eating the pasta dish cold.

    "Eat up," Shaun said. "Just let me spray you first." He took out one of the two potions he had. He didn't like the thought of using it so early, but he still had a long way to go with one pokemon, and Riolu had been hit badly by that psychic attack.

    "Rii," Riolu breathed happily before taking the ravioli curiously. It sniffed at the food before taking a tentative bite. "Riolu!" Riolu barked happily, tail wagging.

    "Good to see you're not being rebellious anymore," Shaun stated, leaning back against a rock. Immediately, Riolu stiffened. With a snooty sniff, Riolu turned its head away. Shaun snorted. "Yea, doubt that woulda lasted long anyway."

    Riolu shrugged and eagerly had another bite of the human food that had been given to him. Never before had he been fed such food. Usually it was crunchy pokemon chow or berries. While eating, Riolu kept his head down but kept his eyes trained on his human. He had never seen a human like this one before.

    Riolu had been surrounded by strict adult humans most of his life. They had either prodded or encouraged him into becoming a reliable starter pokemon for a future pokemon trainer, which was apparently a large honor. Well, not apparently. It truly was. Being given the honor of being the first, the one to make that first bond with a child or young adult about to set foot into the world. That was supposed to be a bond that lasted a lifetime.

    But Riolu knew better now…

    Still, the younger humans he had seen never looked like this one. The ones Riolu had seen were wide eyed and always smiling, always eager to touch something they weren't supposed to or were always cheerful. They were usually brightly colored or had little black or dark colors on them. This one was nothing but black with strange little silver extra things attached all about. The human had things on his ears and on his wrists, even around his waist. It was strange.

    "Find something you like?" Riolu's trainer growled.

    Riolu glared. Instead of looking away or causing a huff, he pointed at the studded bracelet on Shaun's wrist.

    Shaun's hand immediately went to the bracelet. "Its jewelry," he grunted, dropping his empty ravioli can and stomping it until it was flat. "Though I doubt that's all you were looking at," Shaun said with a grin, scratching at his side burns.

    "Che." Riolu rolled his eyes and copied the movement before handing the flattened can to Shaun.

    Shaun just raised an eyebrow. "Just leave it. I ain't got room to be carrying trash."


    Exasperated, "What, you're a tree hugger?"

    Riolu stood his ground, but a loud growl erupted from his throat.

    "Oh, for the love of…" Dropping his stuff, Shaun grabbed the two smashed cans and buried them. "There, now it won't bother anyone." His pokemon scowled at him. "Either we do this, or we burn it, and unless you have a fire attack, I'm not wasting my lighter fluid on something so small."

    Riolu watched as his trainer walked away. "Rii." Riolu shook his head in exasperation and soon followed.

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