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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    I looked into using the HG/SS anyway, but most of the towns and cities would have the same buildings, i really would dislike this...

    I need to add more screenies, but i'm only able to do this at night time and the game would be dark, which would be awful to look at... how do i disable the day/night feature?
    You can always add more buildings in that style. Simply changing the shape and/or color, and maybe adding some little changes here and there, can result in a building that matches the graphical style but isn't the exact same generic building as all the rest. Buildings are probably one of the easier kinds of tiles to sprite (not that they are necessarily easy, just easier. depends a lot on one's skill level).

    You updated to a recent kit right? You can disable the shading from the day/night system by setting ENABLESHADING to false (It's in the very top script section. Maruno added it in for convenience).
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