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    This might be a problem caused by the buggy sound command, which doesn't work in all ROMs, I suppose.
    I know the lists are there but they are not named correctly for ruby so I have no idea what is what. And I don't fancy changing one part of a script 130-ish times just to hear what they are.
    Someone in this thread already said that the sounds in Ruby are the same as in Firered, so - as I already said - it is totally unnecassary to work out a list yourself by using this script.

    @shiny quagsire: You've got a point here, even though Pokescript has some advantages over XSE, such as the modifiable database. I don't really like personally, too, btw (waaah - too many commata/commas/whatever-the-right-plural-form-of-comma-is oO ). This is not the place to discuss that anyway.
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