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All your suggestions are great. And I think I will replace Leafeon with Darmanitan, yes, that should work. But as Dark Azelf mentioned, some of the Pokemon you have suggested aren't in UU. Remember it's UU I'm after. Plus, Ferrothorn isn't in UU so I don't have to worry about him. But Escavalier is, so I do have him to worry about.

Your suggestions on Kingdra are excellent, I will get him as my Special Attacker. The only problem with Chansey is its annoyingly low DEF. This combined with its Normal typing leaves it to be murdered by Fighting types, since they depend mostly on Physical moves. Sure, Umbreon is weak to them too, but because of far better DEF stats it can hold out against fighting types a little longer than Chansey. On the other hand, Eviolite makes Chansey's SP DEF beyond belief, so it would be the best Specially Defensive Cleric.

So, in general, this is what i have:

Froslass (Spikes Lead)

Dusclops (Tanker, with Taunt this time)

Kingdra (Special Sweeper, with Rain Dance)

Darmanitan (Physical Sweeper)

Sceptile (Drainer)

Umbreon/Chansey (Debate for Cleric)

I will decide the sets later, right now I just want to be clear on what Pokemon to use.

I also need something that can induce Rain Dance. I think if I put Rain Dance on Froslass, it would be more efficient, since she can Spike and Rain Dance then. And then there's the debate for Umbreon and Chansey. They each have their advantageous traits. Ferrothorn is nothing to worry about in UU, but then there's Escavalier to take its place. But that can be destroyed by Darmanitan. Fire types are a problem (Even though they are less common than other types because of Stealth Rock) so Kingdra, my special Sweeper can take that threat out with the Rain Dance from my spikes lead. My Drainer, Sceptile, is by far my favorite Pokemon on this team. Its SubSeed is really gonna piss the opponent off, so I'm not even contemplating replacing him. :D

That looks good. I suppose. Any suggestions on what I've just said?

Also, what do you think of replacing Froslass with Roserade? It has better bulk so it can successfully set up three layers of Spikes and a Rain Dance. It has less speed, but meh.
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