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    Originally Posted by Cabe View Post
    yeah.. agree with that, i've probably gone too far, but i do believe classical 4-elemental typeset is "non-pokemonish".
    BTW, if there is a new typeset, i think it'd be great if each style has it's own strategy and specific attacks. I mean, if there's something i relly didn't like from gen V is the fact that EVERY type got attacks with almost EVERY base power... c'mon! in order to make it fun you need poison attacks to act slowly or normal attack (that are not strong against any type) to have the greatest base power or stuff like that. If that doesn't exist, strategy is reduced to type-against-type choices.

    Please tell me if i didn't make myself clear, my english can be confusing
    Hi. I am Tom from Greyhound Games(the guy in the kickstarter movie). I am the developer for this game. I wanted to answer a few posts.

    First for the above. The game is only inspired by Pokemon style games. An example of one of the many ways we stand apart is our combat system. Our battles are not 1v1 but instead we have much bigger battles. You normally have 3 monsters in play at any given time and you can bring a 4th in using a spirit totem mentioned in the original post.

    To answer your question about elements, the elements perform a roll like in some tactical rpgs I have played. Each monster has an element which determines which monsters he is stronger against and which he is weaker against. These elements are:

    Some of these form your typical rock paper scissors, but others have distinct roles. For example death monsters will perform better against almost all monsters except are totally destroyed by life monsters, while life monsters are weak against almost anything, except they totally destroy death monsters. So we have created roles for each of the elements.

    Please don't expect this game to be a pokemon clone or you will prob not be happy with the output The primary similarity is that you collect monsters.

    To the other dev who is making a monster collection game. Good luck. thanks for your kind words!

    Finally to help to get you guys excited. If you watched the movie, you prob saw my comment about a make your own game app. Everything in the game is customized using text files. If the game does well I would love to make it so that you can design your own maps\dungeons\monsters\skills and publish your own "modules" or campaigns etc for the game.
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