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    So I'll help you fill the spots :] I mean, if there is still room for a Gold Tribe.

    Side: Gold Tribe

    Name: Adelle Riptiden

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Title: Infiltrator

    Pokemon Species: Floatzel

    She is a shiny Floatzel, something she isn't unhappy with letting others notice. Her posture is most often relaxed and she tends to stare at people unintentionally. She is a bit smaller than the average Floatzel, and somewhat more lean. Her weight is average or maybe slightly lower than the average Floatzel female. When she thinks hard or flutter away inside her own thoughts, she spins her tails absentmindedly. She doesn't have any notable scars or unusual tufts of hair in her fur, but her eyes are strangely enough a pale gray color, slightly darker than her "inner tube thing", instead of black like the eyes of another Floatzel.

    Her two tails are quite long and fluffy and aren't really used as weapons. She used to train for Aqua Tail and Iron Tail, but gave it up. In her paws, she's hiding short but strong claws that she doesn't really use in fights but in many other situations, like slicing food or opening locks. All in all, she's still proud of being a shiny pokémon, even though there are so many odd colored pokémon in the Gold Tribe that she's not really something special here. She cares mildly about her looks when at the base but she can drop those thoughts and focus on more important things when out in the field.

    Personality: When young, Adelle adored the Gold Tribe. Her father was part of it. In her teenage years, a terrible thing happened that made a darkness take form in her heart. She still carries that with her today and doesn't always succeed in hiding it. It makes her doubt the cause of the Gold Tribe sometimes and herself at other times. When it happens, she most often turn emotional and quiet and easily angered.

    Under better conditions though, Adelle usually smiles, even if it's the sneering smile of a Floatzel. She can be somewhat cynic but cares for her friends in the Gold Tribe and isn't really mean. She loves using her skills for work, which usually means sneaking around enemies and taking them by some sort of stealth, or escaping in elegant ways. She doesn't really like displaying her skills though, not even when training. It's not because she's modest. She isn't really modest. It's because she learned the basic things she knows on her own once, and she works better alone.

    She can be part of a team, but she usually goes her own way if anything is unclear. She can have trouble following orders or procedures that she finds pointless or overly ritualistic. Her mind is set for independence.

    There is nothing special about her voice. Perhaps it's a bit darker than the average girl's, and she never goes high pitched, not even when she's upset or angry. Even though she knows that she's weaker physically than the male soldiers in the Gold Tribe, she won't let them admit it without a stinging comment or some kind of nasty payback.

    History: Adelle actually didn't join the Gold Tribe on her own accord. Her father was a strong Floatzel named Denberra Riptiden who was a hard working soldier in the Gold Tribe. He was well respected by his friends and colleagues and they all waited for the day when the young Adelle could join them in their blissfull work. Adelle was alright with it back then; she didn't think of the tribe as intimidating and godlike, as opposed to what some of her playmates thought. She was a young, smart and promising Buizel, who's shiny appearance many admired. Her parents were immensely proud that she was a shiny and always told her that she was special and would do something special one day.

    But when Adelle was a teenager, something terrible happened. Her mother, a kind and careful Buizel who Denberra loved and wanted to protect more than anything in the whole world... she fell mysteriously ill. And died. It was a terrible episode and it changed their small family forever. Denberra wouldn't stop grieving, and became even more protective of his daughter. His only child.

    Adelle too was changed. They lived in the most peaceful of times, something like this shouldn't be allowed to happen. She started to spend less time with her friends but also started avoiding her father. At loss for anyone else to blame, she started to feel angry with the Gold Tribe. If they were so mighty, why couldn't they have saved her mother? Why couldn't Denberra have done it? Somehow. She became secluded and sometimes didn't even come home at night, even though Denberra went through lengths to be able to leave his work and come home every evening to look after her. This worried him even more and created an even greater cleft between father and daughter.

    Truth was, Adelle was training as soon as she got the chance. On her own. Sometimes whole nights. She tried to grasp new attacks she had only seen members of the Gold Tribe use, and she often hurt herself trying. This went on for about a year. Denberra's grief for his wife was only starting to wear off, but it was mixed with the so very strained relation to his daughter at the same time. It didn't help.

    But one morning, Adelle came home, scratches all over her body and a strange smile on her face. She told Denberra to hit her. Confused, he refused, but she screamed at him until he, almost teary eyed, sprayed a very weak Water Gun at the figure standing in the doorway. She laughed as the beams of the rising sun reached the water drops on her skin. Then her body faded away and Denberra felt a soft pat on his back before he could even feel surprised. The Buizel was standing there behind him, without a drop in her fur. She had mastered the move Substitute, completely on her own, which was almost unheard of.

    From that day, Adelle cooled down quite a bit towards her father and that finally made him look a bit happy again. They could talk again and Adelle told him that she would join the Gold Tribe if he still wanted her to. He did, and she finally started training with real trainers in the tribe. It took some time to learn what role she could really have in the organisation. There were so many large, strong, quick and brave fighters. What was she good at? After a few years experience, she realized that she still had some darkness hidden deep inside her... something she couldn't let go of. Her mentor in the Gold Tribe finally dragged this truth out from her and told her to embrace it instead of fear it. Everything that had happened in her life had shaped her to who she was that day and trying to run from it was a dead race. She took on the title of Infiltrator Riptiden and focused on training her smarts and perception to be able to sneak into places and work out things that other, more bulky Buizels definitely couldn't.

    Then, Denberra went with Auron on the trip away from Alpha Alliance. Just as the Haxorus, Denberra came back changed. In the seige of Gold City, the Riptiden's home town, she suddenly came face to face with him in the heat of the fighting. She couldn't believe it when he didn't even try to convince her to join her. He simply stared at her intensively for a few moments, and then turn to walk away. This crushed Adelle's world for the second time in her life. In a rage, she felt her body turn warm as she lounged forward to attack him from behind. She was evolving into a shiny Floatzel. They fought, but he easily overpowered her and was about to strike a finishing blow, when she was saved by some of Denberra's old colleagues who managed to take her with them and escape the city.

    Now she was a refugee with the few remaining Gold Tribe brothers and sisters, her mother a ghost and her father perhaps not much more than a mindless ghost as well. What was the point in fighting if everything would still go to hell? Adelle currently have strong doubts of herself and the world... but this time she has her brothers and sisters here to help her find her way and not get lost into darkness.

    Moveset: Aqua Jet, Water Pulse, Endure, Ice Punch, Odor Sleuth, Substitute

    RP sample: Back in the days... not long after the mother's passing.

    Another frozen pebble broke into pieces on the ground. The Buizel panted heavily as she watched the work she had done. On the ground in front of her were many small, squashed rocks in small puddles. Her right paw was starting to feel sore... but she wouldn't quit yet. Her Ice Punch was still weak. She had to manage to hit bigger things than pebbles. She had to.

    The sun was going down, she suddenly noticed as she squinted her eyes at the sunset between the trees. She was out in the forest, alone again. She felt better here, where she didn't have to think. Where she didn't have to look into her father's sad and lost eyes. He hadn't been himself since... well, Adelle hadn't exactly been herself either. Gone was the cheerful little Buizel she'd been. Her friends still smiled and greeted her when she saw them, but there was something shifting in their eyes when they looked at her. She could see they were worried, and some were even starting to resent her. She didn't care! Well, yes, of course she cared... but instead of trying to do something about their attitude, Adelle secluded herself even more. She just didn't want to bother with them. She wanted to hit things.

    Her right paw freezed again and started glowing with an almost white energy as the Buizel charged forward and kicked up another stone into the air. This one was a little bigger than before and her foot hurt for a moment as it impacted. Skillfully, she quickly jumped up and hit the rock with Ice Punch in midair. She hit, but the rock didn't break. It just fell down onto the forest floor, frozen.

    Adelle landed and stared at the stone as her paw returned to normal. Darn it. Anyone could hit rocks. She wanted to smash them, crack them, kill them...

    A strange insight made her blink. What was she thinking? Kill? This wasn't her. She took some steps backwards and almost tripped over. It was getting dark. She was alone out here. Why? She wanted to go home, and for everything to return back to normal.

    "Father..." she whispered into the dark air, before she turned on the spot and ran home, leaving cracked pebbles in puddles for the darkness to take.
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