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    Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
    What Supervegeta said. The new deadline for those who haven't completed SUs yet is this Friday, the day before Vegeta gets back, just to be clear. Anybody who has not completed their SU before then is automatically Declined. That means Aura Rift, Yagerbomb, Stingray and -DeepImpact- better get moving. Especially Stingray, you were the first to Reserve and you still don't have your SU up :/

    Me and Supervegeta want all the spots filled by the time he gets back, because then we can start it. We don't want to be behind schedule

    I'm very sorry I've been inactive... After RL kicked my rear last week I kind of lost my drive to RP, and my creativity. I still want to be in but I'm having a hard time coming up with a character. Right now all I have is a Male Breloom... that is it. I'm having problems thinking up a personality, name, history etc... instead I've just been playing lots of Battlefield 3 and talking/being with my Fiance'.

    If I can't get a profile up by Friday I understand the need to remove me. I'll try to get something up, but its proving harder than usual. Honestly if it wasn't for SV running this I would most likely not join...
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