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    Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
    Hmm, a pretty good SU, Somewhere, but there is one problem with it. Under your history, you said that you went with Auron on your trip outside of the Alpha Alliance. Unfortunately, all Gold Tribe members who went with Auron on the trip are now apart of the Silver Tribe. So here is your choice: You can either take out the part about going out with Auron and therefore remain in the Gold Tribe, or you can keep that part in, and change your SU subtly to a Silver Tribe member. However, as I said before, if you choose Silver Tribe, you cannot switch sides for the bulk of the RP.

    Also, I do know it is a bit hard, but you should try to add a bit more for your appearance part. Also, I wouldn't mind an RP sample.

    Once you fix this, I can accept or decline you. For now, you are pending.
    No, Adelle's father (Denberra) went with Auron and is now part of the Silver Tribe... not Adelle herself. If that's ok?

    Alright. I have to go to school now but I'll add in appearance and a RP sample in the afternoon :3
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