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    @Somewhere: As Supervegeta mentioned, add more to the personality and Appearance. Especially appearance, sicne I'm afraid that's still not enough. I don't know how many times I'm gonna have to repeat this, but if you really have nothing to write about just write what the Pokemon species looks like, even though we all know it. lol

    @Supervegeta: Alright, bruh, I'll see ya laterz.

    @Stingray: LOL, I'm not touched. jk jk. Yeah, sure, it's understandable. You just gotta get yourself sum ULTIMATE POWERZ! inspiration. Go out and..I sum stuff. AND DON'T COME BACK 'TILL YA HAVE! lol

    @-DeepImpact-: Get yo butt SU up here, man. You're competing with either Stingray or Somewhere for last spot! Whichever gets their SU up last.

    @Akacha: Well, if you want to be a Gold Tribe member, you'll have to compete with -DeepImpact and/or Stingray and/or Somewhere for the last spot. Remember it's not about the time you get your SU up, it's the quality of the SU itself. If you want to be a Silver Tribe sentinel, you shall have compete with Aura Rift and Yagerbomb for a spot in the same way. Sorry man, unless you really wanna compete with the others, you can't join

    @Everyone: Right, as I've explained to Akacha, one of both the sides will be declined. That means, for the Gold Tribe, and depending on who's SU is best, either -DeepImpact-, Stingray or Somewhere will be declined. And the other two will be in. For the Silver Tribe, and depending on who's SU is best, either Aura Rift, Yagerbomb or (If he reserves) Akachi will be declined. Just the way it works people, so get those SUs up.
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