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    Sean woke up suddenly. In the first seconds of his being awake, everything was grey and blurred, but slowly everything cleared up and he saw a Mightyena leaning over him.

    "Charon? Why are you..." Sean began, then everything hit him at the same time. "Crap, did I fall asleep again? Look, I know the software has to be debugged by tomorrow-" -he looked at a clock and saw the time- "today, at 9:30, but can't a man get some sleep?" He felt himself drifting off again, sinking back into the chair, and then a sharp sensation as Charon batted at his ear. "Okay, you win, but I don't know why."

    But evidently, debugging a new PC box storage system for the local Pokemaniac wasn't what was on Charon's mind, as the Mightyena still seemed uneasy for some reason. Sean stretched and tried to concentrate on the screen, but couldn't focus. The letters were faded and indistinct, and no matter how many times he blinked his eyes to clear everything up, everything went back to illegible just seconds after.

    Sean got up and plodded across the room for anything with caffeine. His eyes were only half-open and not focused on anything, so he almost tripped when Charon walked in front of him. Sean snapped awake and looked down. Charon was looking up. Their eyes met. Sean's mouth opened, about to say something...and then felt lightheaded. He remembered the feeling like no other. It was very distinct, not your average lightheaded feeling. The world faded to grey, except Sean and Charon, and Sean began to panic. "Not again!" he screamed, but no sound came out of his mouth.

    And then he heard a sound. Not his own voice, and it didn't even sound like it was present anywhere but his head, but it wasn't thoughts. It sounded like someone was talking. The voice said, "To any who receive this message, my name is Anthony Stagg and I am a Shifter like you. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but I need your help to save the world. Please meet me at Mirage Island in Hoenn, as a Shifter you should have no trouble getting there."

    Sean felt sick for a second. He was fated to save the world? What did the world need saving from? Sean didn't even know what was really happening to him; did this Anthony Stagg and the other Shifters -or whatever he had called them- stand a chance? But at the same time there was hope. He knew now there were others who shared his condition, and this Anthony seemed to know about it. And if Sean could meet him on Mirage Island, then he absolutely would go for it.

    Suddenly the world turned back to normal, and Sean shook his head. "What just happened...?" he asked. He looked down and saw Charon again. "How did you do that?" Charon didn't answer, of course, but just turned away. "Yeah, that's what I thought." Sean looked up at the ceiling, reflecting on the events that he'd just been through. Was it even real? It might have just been a dream, but dreams like that were rarely arbitrary. Sean could have fallen asleep again, but when everything returned to normal, he was still standing on two feet. He decided not to play with destiny and ignore the dream, or reality, whichever it was. In five minutes he was out the door with Charon at his feet. No matter what, Charon was important, Sean just didn't know why. Too excited to inform his family and friends or even pack properly, Sean set off for Mirage Island, Hoenn, to meet his destiny and learn whether the vision had been real and what to do with it.
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