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    ok for all who didn´t understand it: The Offset you can see on the top are written in ASM.

    So the most people don´t know where they can find it in there Hex Viewer....

    So here is the "Hex" Offset:
    059F34 for firered english
    059F34 for firered german (feuerrot) - it´s really rare that the german rom has the same offset than the English

    this is the hex code you have to use
    00 21 00 06 00 0e 02 28 01 d0 d1 28 01 d1 01 20 00 e0 00 20 00 21 70 47 03 28 f5 e7

    here you can see that it works

    I have a question: How can I make that I can´t drive with the bike over the really tall grass block?
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