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    @Somewhere: Yes you are. lol jk. I know, so what you can do is edit a picture and write one line. Writing just a little is only allowed if you have a picture. But I guess I am being a bit harsh. I don't think mine was much bigger either, xD And the History was exceptional anyway, so Accepted

    @Stingray & DeepImpact: You heard that, fellas. Time for a competition. :D

    @Akachi: Well, now that Somewhere is accepted, you have competition from Stingray and DeepImpact on the Gold Tribe spot, and competition from Aura Rift and Yagerbomb for the Silver Tribe spot. Go for whichever one you like, (but being a bad guy is fun. lol)

    Alright, I don't trust myself to keep track of spots, so I'll just write everything down here.

    Gold Tribe (6): Greiger, Somewhere, Nakuzami, Conjurer, miltankRancher (Last spot competition between DeepImpact and Stingray)

    Silver Tribe (2): Silver Rogue, (Competition for last spot between Yagerbomb and Aura Rift)
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