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Dear Anonymous,

I wish I just gave up on everything, because no matter what I do in anything, nothing is going to make a difference because everyone is always going to be the same. I'm just sick of doing things, and others not making the effort, I'm sick of caring about people, and those not caring that I care, I'm sick of trying to make a difference in a world that won't ever change. Why does the world have to be like this? idk, but really, if I honestly could stop caring about "things that don't matter" to other people, then I would, but no, it really is too much to ask for a world where everything is right. In the end the only thing that should count is that I try, but it's never going to work out that way because those will concentrate on the negatives. I just wish it was all right because those that do care never can make enough effort due to being limited in how far they can go. You could travel the world saying "change everything for the better" but people will be stuck in their ways, and nothing will ever change. I hate how the world is, and the older I grow, the more I will come to hate it unless something dramatically changes.