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Originally Posted by Truality View Post
I'll wait to see how this goes. Good luck and motivation with it!

Just a note: I hope you're going to use new ow styles, like the fat guy in the 6th screenshot. They blend a lot better with the tiles you use. And i'm positive that you'll have minimum tile errors in your release.
Yup, they'll be changed eventually, though I can't guarantee that all will be before the first beta.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Screens look great, look forward to progress.

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
I think it's spelled Minccino :P
Nice screenshots you've got there, keep up the nice work :)
Yup, thanks for catching that :)

Originally Posted by Deadrocks View Post
Here's a really meh banner I made. lol

Are you kidding? That's awesome :O
Thanks, I'll add it to the OP right away :)

Originally Posted by Yuuiii View Post
Just a question, did you add Close Combat with the -Def + -SpD drop, or some other effect? Because in-game there is no effect for -def + -spd after an attack (is this making any sense ._.;)
Yup, that makes sense. I made it -Atk and -Def.

At least it's something, right? xD
Anyway, more updates coming soon!