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Harley stared at her desk, pencil in hand. What... What could she draw? There were so many things buzzing around in her mind yet she could not manage to bring one up to the surface. When she put the pencil to paper, Harley immediately pulled away. What was she trying to say, what was she trying to communicate through this piece? Where was the meaning to a mindless scribble when Harley could create works of art. She dropped her pencil in minor frustration. She needed a break, she needed inspiration but mainly, she needed to get out. She would never really attempt the latter without any real reason, otherwise she'd be left wandering Johto aimlessly.

"What do you think, Ceri?" she leaned back in her chair, looking at her Zoroark. He shrugged back, sitting on the floor rather obediently, watching his master attempt to draw. He didn't mind that she had not taken much notice of him for the past hour, he just liked to be in her company. "What do you think I should draw?"

He got to his feet rather slowly and using his ability, created an illusion. His own body 'morphed' into a Moltres, but he couldn't keep up such a detailed illusion for so long. Soon, his Moltres got a little weird, a Moltres who looked rather droopy eyed and with quite dimmed flames. Then its neck fell and it kind of crumbled to the floor. Harley let out a little laugh. Ceri was as bad as keeping up illusions as Harley was at keeping up her visions.

"A retarded Moltres? Okay then," she gave another chuckle and got to work, attempting to draw possibly the stupidest bird ever. "Seriously Ceri, this is what you want me to dr--"

She stopped as Ceri placed a paw on her shoulder and her vision shifted, replacing her somewhat colourful room to a dark, grey and monotonous one. It was her visions, as she called it, but this one was different, accompanied by a voice.

"To any who receive this message, my name is Anthony Stagg and I am a Shifter like you. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but I need your help to save the world. Please meet me at Mirage Island in Hoenn, as a Shifter you should have no trouble getting there."

Then the vision ended, Harley barely hanging onto the last words. So that's what it was called, that's what she was. A shifter? At first, she was a little stumped on it. So, she was not the only one? That... Well, sucked. She had always thought she was unique with this gift. She had never told anyone about it, save for Ceri, because she always believed it was her's. But, to use this gift to save the world? It was, well, interesting at the least. The mention of Mirage Island was also something that piqued her interest; she had never seen the island, only read about it in history books.

"... Let's go check it out then," Harley said. This was so out of character for her, spontaneously planning a trip to Hoenn after years of being cooped up in her room. But a trip to Mirage Island to find out about her visions was something she could not pass up.

She had found her inspiration again.

* * *

Pacifidlog Town looked peaceful enough, but Harley didn't plan on stopping there to talk to the locals. In fact, she didn't plan on stopping at all. True, their local legends on either the legendary Rayquaza or perhaps on random sights of Latias and Latios could prove to be interesting but those were only possibilities; Harley wanted facts. On her father's Pidgeot that she "borrowed" (she asked Jo (the Pidgeot) for permission, not her father), she slowly flew over the ocean, searching for Mirage Island. From what she had read, it appeared at random, depending on the person who was looking for it. It was also inhabited by Wynaut, who somehow had an influence when it would show up or not. Harley actually had that specific book in hand (Myths and Legends of Hoenn) but the high winds in the air kind of restricted her reading it.

"I can't see it Ceri," she yelled at him, the winds muffling her voice. He didn't 'say' anything, just pointed at a foggy part of the ocean. With a nod, Harley tapped Jo and pointed at the fog. Unsure, but loyal to Harley, Jo slowly descended into the fog. Harley at first thought they'd hit water, but no. The fog parted as they got further down which revealed a small island. She circled around until she saw a form of life, a boy or a man setting up what looked like a camp or a resting place. Jo flittered down and landed just near the camp, helping Harley and Ceri off. Taking her Zoroark's hand, she stepped away from Jo (who followed her as she did) and took Ceri's hand, approaching the... Guy. She hated to talk to people but if this meant knowing more about her visions, she'd take that risk.

"Are you Anthony Stagg?"
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