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    Nickolai Afon- Moscow

    "As I said, my name is Natalia Zaytsev. I am part of an Atlantean organisation called the Atlantean Unification Project, or AUP. I cannot reveal much to you, only that as an organisation, we hope to unite Atlanteans as a singular race. Atlanteans have been disrespected for centuries, despite our gifts. We hope to change this and give Atlanteans the proper recognition we deserve."

    Nikolai just nodded. That made sense, an organization. It made him apprehensive though, organizations often had other hidden motives that they did not tell people. He made a vow to himself that he would try to find out more about the AUP when he had the time, but he doubted he would find much, or even anything at all. It seemed like a very cloak and dagger thing.

    Nikolai remained silent for the rest of the short trip. Natalia pulled the car into a hotel parking lot, then shut off the car and got out. Nikolai followed her, and entered the door as she opened it. "This is my temporary safehouse. We can discuss more up there, safe from enemy ears", she said. Good, somewhere private.

    He lowered himself into a small chair in the hotel room, and allowed Natalia to put her things away before asking, "So. Unite the Atlanteans as a singular race. Almost as if were a completely different race altogether, apart from humans. Then again, I suppose we are in a way." He paused for a moment. "So, now I suppose you make a phone call to your boss, right? Or do we go and you report in person?"

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