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Ooops, entirely my bad Silver Rogue ><
I'll make sure to remember that for next time.

For Conjurer, just a little heads up on what has happened.

My character Michael, Skymin's Oakley and Raikiri's Christian have gone to the Atlantean centre in London, England, to sign up after a news broadcast saying that they would be fugitives if they didn't. There they met River Beleren, a controller of water and one of the Atlantean Royal family. Michael and Oakley's power overcome them and Christian stands idle.

Supervegeta's Leon was taken from Switzerland by a teleporting Atlantean, and brought to The Syndicate, a mysterious organisation hidden in shadows, their motives kept secret.

Meanwhile Nikolai AFON, has been taken aside by Natalia Zaytsev, an Atlantean who can phase through walls, and is a member of the AUP or Atlantean Unification Project; their main goal is to unite all Atlanteans as a singular race.

That is where everyone is at.
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