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    Ludmilla Caruso - Seville, Spain

    Ludmilla was standing in the middle of nothing, quite literally. Her entire surroundings are pitch-black, and there was an eerie silence hanging in the air. Ludmilla looked around carefully and, understandably scared, managed to say, "Hello...?"

    No response.

    "Is anybody here?" she asked again, this time a bit louder. And this time, a response came.




    "Wh-who's there?"

    "Ludmilla! Dulce nina, wake up!"


    Ludmilla bolted upright. The darkness was gone, and was replaced by the filtering light of the sun she knew well--the ray that passes through the checkered curtain that decorated the window of Auntie Isabel's living room.

    "There now, dulce nina. Could you pleas--oh my. Look at that there news!" Auntie Isabel said, pointing towards the TV screen.

    "And of course, the Prime Minister has reacted towards the outrageous broadcast, and..." the news anchor said.

    "What...what's happening, tia?" asked Ludmilla.

    "I'm afraid I don't know much about it myself, Milla dear. But it seems that there are a bunch of people claiming themselves to be some sort of superheroes and declaring war on the world. Los locos, if you ask me. You should pay them no mind, but they are entertaining to keep track of,"

    Still in a hazy state from her long nap, Ludmilla did not quite understand what she's just been told, but she nodded unwittingly anyway. "Why did you wake me up, tia?"

    "Oh, that's right. It's past high noon. Can you get the laundry for me, dear? I haven't so much as sat down the entire day, and I want me some peace and quiet,"
    said Auntie Isabel.

    "Okay," Ludmilla briefly said, before getting up and out to pick up the dry laundries.

    It was a particularly breezy day that afternoon, and the faint sun gave off just the right amount of heat. The air was warm and pleasant, and clouds drifted lazily in the bright blue sky. She picked up the dry laundries, left the wet ones alone and dropped them off inside. She wondered what she would do next, and decided to go to the park, since it was such a nice day.

    "Tia, can I go to the park? Pretty please?" she said, slightly shouting so that Auntie Isabel can hear her.

    "Alright Milla dear, but remember, you have to be home before your papa does. That brother of mine will have my head if he knows I'm letting you play outside," the plump woman shouted back.

    "Okay, tia. I'll be back before four!"

    And with that, Ludmilla stepped outside of her aunt's home and into the warm noon air, and skipped cheerfully on the way to the park. She made her way to a swing, sat and stared at the other people at the park. Apparently, everybody had thought it was nice day to be outdoors as well, and the park was almost full. There were toddlers playing in sandboxes, children sliding down slides and playing the see-saw and adults sitting at a coffee table discussing something. Ludmilla only managed to hear one word over the commotion, but that one word alone confirmed to her what they were talking about--that one word is Atlanteans.

    For a while she listened in to their talking, but then gave up as the talking faded into quiet whispers. She just mindlessly stared into the blue skies, and for what felt like twenty minutes her mind drew a blank.
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