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Camilla Romanos - Seville, Spain

It had been several years since Camilla had been in a Spanish speaking country, yet her knowledge of Spanish had not waned from her mind. Anyone she talked to spoke mainland Spanish, slightly different to the Mexican Spanish she had grown up around. Her life in Tijuana, Mexico was now little more than a vague memory in the back of her mind, yet little bits of Seville reminded her and took her back to her past; something she wished she could forget. But despite all this, she continued to forge on, she had been given a directive by one of her colleagues, there was a fellow Atlantean living here, and being the only one who spoke decent Spanish, she was the one sent to gather the child. Camillia had joined the Atlantean Unification Project earlier in its creation, a day or two after the Atlanteans revealed themselves to the world. She had been enticed by an email she had received once the tattoo behind her ear appeared, that explained to her a lot of things, but most importantly; that Atlanteans needed to gather together as one race and stand in unification before they were killed in a mass genocide. The email spoke of how governments were already planning a mass genocide, and it would be legal too since Atlanteans had no rights what so ever.

So Camilla signed up right away.

Now she began to question if it was really worth joining up, if it meant she was travelling through the slums of Spanish speaking countries trying to find a little girl with a power. Everyone is valuable, is what the AUP had taught her, one of their ideals that she found hard to grasp, but she went with it, it made her finally for once believe she belonged. So Camilla carried on, until she arrived at her destination; a small house in one of the poorer areas of Seville. She watched from across the road as a girl in her mid-teens left the house, and being careful, Camilla followed her until the girl took a turn into a fairly busy park.

“Dios Mio” she exclaimed as she lost sight of the girl in the mass of humanity, until she picked her up again over by the swings.

Camilla gathered herself, preparing what she was going to say to the girl, she had little to no experience of talking to teenagers, let alone recruiting them into a group, but she might as well try her best. She made her way over to the Spanish girl, sitting on the swing beside her. After a few minutes, she spoke to the girl in Spanish.

“Hola, Ludmilla, I understand that you have an ability. Don’t be scared,” she covered herself, “I’m here to offer you the opportunity to come away with me; to join the rest of our kind before it is too late.” Once she started talking, she couldn’t really stop, the words seeming to come forth like vomit. “I am a part of the Atlantean Unification Project, and we would like to extent to you, a safe place where you can grow and we can help you control your abilities.” Camilla pulled her ear forward, revealing the small flower Atlantean Tattoo on the back of her ear, “You can trust me, I am Atlantean as well.” She smile at the girl, hopefully she had convinced her enough.

Jeremy Kyle - Birmingham, England
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