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    Originally Posted by Aura Rift View Post
    I feel like a real jerk doing this but I've alot going on lately and can barely post in the RPs Im in, Hopefully in the future perhaps a spot would open up and I could take it, but until such a time arises (if it arises) I'll have to drop out.

    It's a shame really, I was really looking forward to this :/ but stuff happens, so I'm really sorry, but Im dropping out
    Aww man. Alright, that means Akacha can take his time (at least until Friday) to fill his SU.

    Originally Posted by Akacha View Post
    Hey silver rogue I am working on my character and I was wondering if you had your fire that caused your parents death from the story as just an accident. I was thinking I could involve my character in some discreet way. Like he was there or maybe was after who caused it. Who knows but since they'll both be on the silver tribe I thought a surprise past might be fun.
    Sorry Akacha. You can't do that. Silver Rogue doesn't have to change his SU for there to be a relation between you two. Just talk it over in PMs please.

    Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
    I guess I should have posted my non proof read one then O well... I thought you were going to wait for both (unless one wasn't posted by Friday) then decide which was better. No big deal just gives me more time to write my post for War between Pokemon and Humans, work on my next RP (since Business of War is moving so slow that I can work with both at once... waiting on SV to post still).
    That's what I was gonna do originally, but I have so much to do myself I really just want these spots filled in quick. Choosing = Wasting time. Life gets busy.

    Originally Posted by -DeepImpact- View Post
    @Wymsical: Thanks for accepting me, bruh. Hope this RP turns out awesome. lol


    @Stingray: Sorry bro, really wish you coulda been here too, I feel guilty about just snatching the spot away from you like that.
    lol xD I didn't accept you!
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