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Slightly off-topic premise:
I simply ignore bad hacks made by someone that didn't put enough effort in it (although, if the only flaw is rough graphics, then I don't care, supposing that the important aspects of the game are done well, i.e. gameplay and, above all, enjoyableness; and, before anyone tries to point out that bad graphics prevent the game from being enjoyable, I have to say that I completely disagree with it). Why should one worry about a hack any more than the creator?

Once said this, I don't find that a "custom resized sprites" resource is necessary. Obviously, if you or someone else wants to do it, go for it; but considering that even you can't find enough motivation to complete the task that you think is so important (which, as I said, I disagree with), I don't know who should.
No offence intended, of course.

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