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Christian Calaway- London, England

Christian was at a crossroads. River, who he practically interrogated, had come clean being as earnest as she could. Peace and harmony were her primary concerns without a shred of doubt telling him otherwise, however lying was unforgivable. Lying plants seed of distrust which in time will blossom into the tree of deception bearing the fruit of betrayal. This vicious process has happened only a few times before, but it always ended the same way. River was a woman Christian wanted to trust.

Sighing lightly, Christian planted himself on a wall to muse this predicament over. After all, there was not much else to do. Following his line of questioning, a dead silence fell upon the room. It was gloomy and disturbing. The wall, at the least, gave him a vantage point of the room his blue eyes surveying the room. Michael was rubbing his eyes rather violently (headache, maybe?) while Oakley seemed to becoming to terms with her ability following River's consolation. For a moment, Christian felt the only one in the room not completely buying River's story. A tinge of guilt reared its ugly head, preaching him to give in to his consideration of leaping to the conclusion that River was to be trusted and this group was to be befriended. Logic was beginning to agree. Christian had a relatively good grip on his powers (reaching the conclusion that it was primarily based on his emotional state), but he had plenty of room for improvement. All too often, his tangibility slipped or smoke was pouring out. In the past week, he had set off at least 41 smoke alarms, most of them in the residence halls. Though about 5 of them were experiments and pranks to see the girls rush out of the communal showers. Good times. He chuckled lightly to himself, a novelty if there was ever one. Christian looked up, done reminiscing, and was about to speak before the calm silence was broken by the croaking of a frog.

"Oakley... what the hell is on your arm?!? Is it your ability?" It was Michael, gawking at Oakley's cast with his eyes..closed? Christian was more dumfounded, but then remembered that most of the people in the room had "superpowers". Michael's was probably related to telepathy and accessed her mind. Maybe it was related to x-ray vision. That would explain the eyes being closed. Christian shook his head. He had to stop speculating since that wouldn't solve the evident problem: Oakley.

Clearly her ability was triggered by emotions and he could only deduce she was not a fan of being a member of the club. Michael's outburst pressed the right buttons to make her emotional state explode. The cast shattered into pieces, revealing some sort of plated armor. The armor swallowed her arm whole as it expanded to a tremendous size. The process appeared to be painful and Oakley seemed to be pleading with herself to make the process stop, gripping the armored limb in a vain attempt to heed the process. Pointless.

Michael was useless at the moment, focusing his attention on River. Those two bonded over the course of the day. His ability to speak with her would of calmed her down. Christian recognized his own inability to console people, open up and motivate. Emotions were a distant theory to him. Explaining them to him would like explaining rocket science to a caveman. Not willingly to let the princess get her hands dirty, Christian responded the only way he could at the time.

Trying to remain calm as a young girl pleading the others to not look at her, Christian decided to use his powers. Hopefully the week he spent experimenting would prove useful. He glared in Oakley's direction and lifted his hands to her level. His body tightened and a stream of smoke blasted in her direction. Not going for subtle measures, Christian increased the destiny of the smoke, making it a strong solid. The blast sounded like a small cannon was fired and the sound of rubble filled the room. The smoke cleared slowly, revealing a sight for sore eyes. Luckily for Oakley's sake, Christian misjudged his aim missing her by a hair. The wall beside her was destroyed, leaving only crumbs of the once solid foundation. "Oops," he muttered. "Too strong. Probably could of killed her."

Christian took aim again, but then resisted. At this point, he half expected Michael to attack him or River to push him out of the way. After all, he did renovate the room a bit. Calming down, his arms remained in their smoke-like state. His shoulders emitted clouds of smoke and his whole body had an intangible structure to them.

"See Oakley. We are so different you and I. Both of us are freaks with strange powers we have trouble controlling. Hiding our problems underneath a cast or tricking ourselves into thinking we can control them won't solve it," Christian sighed, admitting that River was right. With the sigh, some resemblance of control was gained. The adrenaline left his system. Christian's arms returned and his body regained some form, but the transformation to a solid was not complete. Regardless, he walked over to Oakley and offered her a hand: "No matter what your ability, curse, or gift is, you are amongst friends. Now, let's get a grip on our 'problems'," Christian tried to smile, being sincere.

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