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    Hey guys, you might recognize me from about the place. I'm not really sure where to go with this question so with the hopes of someone here directing me to somewhere useful I shall ask it anyway. I have read at least a dozen tutorials on inserting Fakemon/ new sprites etc. and i'm pretty much as clued in as anyone, but I have a problem, My sprites just won't write to the rom. Any help/directions to someone with indepth knowledge of unZL.gba would be incredibly helpful. And just before everyone starts suggesting stuff I already know about heres where I stand:
    I know sprites must be 64x64 pixels,
    I know sprites need to be indexed and I know how,
    I know that if the new data is too large you need to use free space finder to get an offset when inserting.
    In a nutshell the problem is this, the sprites will open fine in unLZ.gba (not an indexing problem), I have no problems whatsoever importing palletes. It is just that when I click write to rom (having added what should be the new images offset and selecting the boxes 'repoint' and 'auto-abort') nothing happens, the write to rom box closes as if it has worked, but no re-pointing boxes pop up, just.. nothing happens, as if i never clicked write to rom at all.
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