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Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
Anyway, what's going to happen when Generation V backsprites come along? And, personal opinion and all, but I'd think that people want good 64* sprites for Generation IV and V Pokémon before nicer sprites for the old ones.
Generation V Pokemon will have custom/edited backsprites. I know I'm decent enough of a sprites to do this.

Also I'm considering the idea of doing random Pokemon from each Generation rather than doing all the sprites in one Generation, so I may start working on Gen IV. Also, I won't be working on Gen V until the first four gens are complete. Gen V is just not a priority for me because I don't plan on using Gen V Pokemon in my hack.

Turtwig and Grotle.

EDIT: And testing it on my Ruby patch:

Hopefully a mod sees this: May I request for this topic to be renamed to, "Chaos Rush's DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource"?

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