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    Originally Posted by lordyorae View Post
    ...I think it would be helpful if you added a feature where you could actually select trainers from within the map (graphically) then edit their pokemon, as well as add additional trainers in, easily (drag and drop).
    Dude, that would be impossible. First, you need to make sure that the trainer actually HAS a battle. Second, you have to find the line in the script to find out which trainer to open. Why? Trainers and other NPCs are programmed with 'scripts', essentially little sub-programs that the game executes, making little changes in the game like "display this text" or "initiate this battle". Plus, one person could be the means to initiate more than one battle, and stepping on a certain tile could have you fight an "invisible man" or someone who wouldn't normally fight. Your suggestion is smart- it would be awesome. But this works just fine. However, you have to open someone's script to figure out what battle he initiates, but that's how Nintendo did it, right?
    Originally Posted by lordyorae View Post
    Also the starter pokemon editer won't let me add Mew (my fave original pokemon)!!! Can you fix this?
    I wish that were possible, but the only way to get Mew to obey you all the time is to get a certain 'flag'(in programmer's speak, this would be a variable, but we're HACKING, so this is a flag.) for him. Same with Rayquaza. I think that Hackmew added that as a FEATURE- or at least couldn't figure out how to let you get the flag without editing the Proffessor's script.
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