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    Name: Ahd Dub (ahd-doob)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 88 y/o

    Title: Spirit Force/Chi Master

    Pokemon Species: The Meditate Pokemon, Meditite

    Appearance: Ahd Dub is a rare sight to see. As a pure white and true blue Meditite, the mountains are his home, and he trains religiously at altitudes far too high for most Pokemon. Ahd Dub can be seen at the peak of the mountain tops sharpening his mind and tightening his focus by meditating, or building his dexterity and flexibility by doing yoga. Normally meditating in the lotus pose focusing his body's chakras, Ahd Dub will be surrounded in flashing, and mystifying aura. A fortified and maximized focus is conveyed by his facial expression. The intensity in him when he makes eye contact can make opposing forces stand down. Although Ahd Dub's age and physique make him seem like a quick fight, he is no one to underestimate. His many wrinkles and grey hairs are the very essence of his wisdom overflowing. They are no sign of decay, and are no reason to assume any kind of advantage.
    During his years of meditation, Ahd Dub's body has become of a smaller build. He no longer requires the regular consumption of fluids or nutrients because his mind has manifested into all he wants, needs, and is, but because of this lifestyle he does not mix himself with the outside world and isolates himself to the mountain tops. Anyone that would see his body would think of him as unreal, and unholy. So he wears a loosely fitted cloth cloak of a sand-tan color with torn threading at the bottom scuffled from his travels. The cloak also carries and conceals his twisted spoon that he uses as a battle weapon.

    -This is a similar article of clothing I've place in order for everyone to have an easy time to understand Ahd Dub's cloak. The crest(or pre-evolution stone) that holds the cloak in place is a spiritual symbol referencing enlightenment. The crest is a colorful gold and sapphire Moltres and Dragonair, respectively. They are placed on the left and right of what looks like a wheel. This wheel represents the tree of tranquility, or its top for the most part, and the plants beneath the wheel are the ground around the tree. The only thing missing in the emblem on the crest is the tree. This missing tree represents Ahd Dub, and his role in a greater understanding. The third image is a display of Ahd Dub's battle weapon. In the game it is referred as a twisted spoon, but Ahd Dub is in possession of an onk that amplifies the frequencies of his chakras. Giving him great strength in battle. Ahd Dub's Psychocutter uses the onk to channel his psychic power creating a deadly blade used for combat. He will hold the onk in his hand and release his psychic powers shaping and sharpening it into a saber.

    Personality: Ahd Dub occupies his time by meditating and doing yoga at the peak of mountain tops, so he doesn't get much interaction with other Pokemon. This does not go without saying that he carries himself with the utmost confidence and observes his surrounding for greater understanding or caution. Ahd Dub will be slow moving and all knowing in the average crowd of likely drones that pollute societies streets. He does not wish to waste the great breath of life on meaningless mannerisms. He lives a life of self purpose. Needless to say, Ahd Dub is able to mold himself into many archetypes for deception or sometimes a greater understanding.
    Ahd Dub in battle will analyze the target to acquire enough understanding to identify any weakness. Amplifying his opponent in order to gain Intel, Ahd Dub will toy with the opponent's mind, and manipulate them subconsciously by infiltrating their psyche. However, if he can be mentally phased by an incredibly stronger superior he will lose touch with himself becoming diluted and deluged with rage and emotion. He can be a nimble, light feathered fighter, or become an enraged, almighty beast. Ahd Dub only becomes enraged and begins fighting like a barbarian once he becomes frustrated and loses his focus. Being guided by emotion will set him into a fiery frenzy of melee. All those around him could be the innocent by standard of his set off reaction. So he trains to constrain his emotions, and act on tranquility. Keeping his peace of mind, and the peace of others.

    History: The night sky was full of stars. The moon was fully round and bright(it was during the moon's cycle stage called the pedigree). A small temple in the mountains, quiet and peaceful, has become a sanctity of new life. Ahd Dub had been born, and with him a new journey of enlightenment began. Something was different about the newly born Meditite. He cried uncontrollably, and was restless. This was unlike any new born in the temple. Every new born had entered the world with a peaceful mind, but Ahd Dub seemed to be a peculiar case. He suffered from uncontrollable racing thoughts that daunted him during his training. Ahd Dub couldn't silence his mind as a child, nor was he able to control his feelings, and at times acting on them as motive for his actions. He was blind of his true purpose, and lived a life of reaction. Never gaining the ability to put his life towards something of a greater purpose. Ahd Dub seemed hopeless in his efforts to quiet his mind, and was thought of as a harborer of chaos. Ahd Dub had no trouble with doing his daily yoga and training. He would keep at it, and showed some of the most potential as a student, but he was easily distracted because he was unable to retain his focus. Ahd Dub was seen as the sun because he was constantly burning with energy, and releasing light for all to see upon, but only when he sharpens his mind and tightens his focus will he be able to truly become the piercing essence of light.
    It seems Ahd Dub over time had become a great muck of rancidity among the mountain temples. He was aloof and isolating. He was unable to calm his mind, and was unable to receive advance training. The Meditite's monastery regulates a subsequent path to enlightenment involving acknowledgement of self, knowing of self, creating of self, understanding of self, heightening of self, and retaining of self. The self is purpose, and Ahd Dub is unable to clear his mind and become knowing with certainty of his purpose. Because of his harboring of chaos, he cannot learn his further training. Ahd Dub, proclaiming his superior strength, challenged his masters trying to uplift his conflict.
    "I cannot be stopped in battle, so how is it that I am being stopped in my training!?" Roaring with his anger from his frustration, he jumped up above the mountain, and kicked down the door.
    "It seems my training and being raised as your comrade has fallen from my light strengthening to becoming a cancer." Ahd Dub, full of pride and blame, could no longer restrain his thirst for power.
    "If that is the case then let this be my final day as your student; becoming the greatest master. Ultimately, your eradication." Ahd Dub, using telekinesis, moved the oldest master, who was standing up above on a pedestal, in front of him. A jolting energy was felt through the vicinity. The master unveiled his onk and tried stopping Ahd Dub by placing it between their psychic fields and reverting the effect of the telekinesis, but Ahd Dub was hoping for this chance, and wasted no time in taking this perfect opportunity. Ahd Dub, confidently smirking and staring down his master for the last time, grabbed the onk and unleashed his psychic energies focusing it into the onk's psychocutter. Ahd Dub followed to strike him with a devastating force palm. His master wasn't moving. Ahd Dub took his final glare at his once beloved master, and said his final goodbyes.
    "Nothing will stop my purpose. Even if it means making my purpose greater than any great purpose there may be. Even if my true purpose is to live a life of chaotic void. Your purpose shall be the same." Ahd Dub swung the psychocutter and beheaded his master. The head fell to the ground, and the monastery's peaceful life of tranquility with it. The eleven other Meditite masters consciously united together, and synchronously jumped high into the sky far above the mountain peaks, and almost out of eyesight readying for an ancient powerful attack. The Meditite falling in a serpent like line of kicks surrounded by aurora colored wings, are capable of annihilating anyone it consumes with its furious force. Ahd Dub, entering a trance from the technique's auras had a sudden rush of euphoria.
    "This feeling of..." Ahd Dub felt a new formed power. He began releasing his power by tightening his focus and clearing his mind. He closed his eyes and raised the onk towards the Meditite.
    "This feeling of pressure." Ahd Dub, already realizing his now erroneous superiors are at the very mercy of his will, is seeing his true purpose coming to fruition. A sudden acceleration came upon the falling Meditite. Their terminal velocity began increasing exponentially. The Meditite were now falling off of the mountain at crushing speeds. Ahd Dub, knowing his new power was beyond their defensive capacities, sent the remaining Meditite to their crater buried deaths. This new power in Aud Dub's perspective was all part of his ever belonging birthright.
    "The moon is my sun and with its new light I am holding gravity's grasp as a hand of darkness." Ahd Dub decided to kill all twelve of the Meditite masters in order to rectify certain inequities. His once comrades are now no more than memories. There essence and Ahd Dub's past essence has now become infinitely dimmed. Never to shine light onto the great path of enlightenment. He was now doomed to live a life of power without purpose, and worst of all, fearing the thought of a life without nirvana.
    "I cannot go back towards the way I came." Ahd Dub gazed into his dead master's eyes. He could see the confidence in his expression, the honor in his eyes, and the tranquility of nirvana in his death. Ahd Dub could not help but fear his death. Realizing his death would give him no enlightenment, he began becoming full of anxiety.
    "What can I do now?" Ahd Dub, full of conflict and regret from his self-purposeful actions, can now only accept his pitiful life of ignorance and hatred, but he is fearful of that life. He absolutely refused to accept a life of misery. His mind, being clouded with guilt, regret, hatred, misunderstanding, and most of all, a self serving life purpose, is devising a way to try and atone for this deed, but with his mind clouded the outcome is full of chaotic decisions.
    "I can kill myself now, and accept this mistake and end it all here." This thought was an inevitable one. Intrusively bringing the understanding of his consequences, he takes the onk and releases the psychocutter. Staring into his spirit energy.
    "I can see the change in myself. It is a constant chaos." Ahd Dub's energy is now flowing under the influence of pure chaos. The stage of enlightenment that he was supposed to undertake has shifted to a path full of void and darkness. Instead of his normally smooth spherical aura, the aura around him had become linear and erratic. Like lightning following the pull of the earth, he was forced to strike the ground, and cause only fire and thunder. Chaos was his life, but still, he decided to not accept this, and searched for a way out.
    "I'll eradicate my mind. Forcing myself into a coma forgetting myself, and awakening in bliss. So that I may start a new life on the path of enlightenment." Ahd Dub began focusing his energy. Placing the onk on his forehead. His eyes are closed and focused on the void that represents himself. He strikes the darkness of his mind with his light and starts a new life. Aura around him is circling in a typhoon and begins to construct itself into a vortex with Ahd Dub being the eye of the storm. He is then penetrated by his own being and destroys his recognition of self. Replacing it with a new void and allowing in new light. He then awakens and opens his eyes to find a new sight. The area he thrived in once before is now a land he has never seen. So he grabbed the onk and wondered the mountains aimlessly.
    Ahd Dub eventually found himself in Gold City and witnessed several actions take place where the Gold Tribe had rescued and helped many Pokemon. He knew that the Alpha Alliance could use his abilities and offered to help protect it. A long time passed and Ahd Dub had demonstrated many times that he was more than capable of keeping the peace. Auron recognized this and asked Ahd Dub if he would join him on a mission passed the outskirts of the Alpha Alliance. Ahd Dub accepted his offer without question believing there was nothing to be cautious about, but Ahd Dub had no way of knowing what would happen. When Ahd Dub returned, he was cold and aloof. He was once again guided by his old self purpose. it seems his memories had somehow returned and yet his fear of a pitiful life had died from his rebirth. He can no longer calm his mind and has lost all control. He is now more malevolent than ever. He was fully aware of his past and his new life. He had no fear of death because he had already died once, and he believes he had realized that death is just something you forget, but he knows he will remember everyone that he will defeat. To Ahd Dub that is his new life; murder and mayhem.

    Moveset: Meditation, Magic Coat, Gravity, Telekinesis, Psycho Cut, and Force Palm
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