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Originally Posted by Wiznatts View Post
I have a whole bunch of resized back sprites for gen 4. I'm actually almost done with the whole generation.

Not all of them were made by me (most were), though I'm the only person who has an account here (I think). The others are Miyuki, Ingrid, and Icy over at the Nuzlocke forums. These all use the palette from Black and White, though changing them to use Sugimoriesque palettes wouldn't be too hard. I have a sheet with shinies if you want that as well.

Were these all resized with the same scale factor? omg....These will definitely be of use.

EDIT: Yep, I just checked, these are definitely all perfectly resized to 80%, I am definitely using these, and those people will be credited. You should tell your buddies at that forum to help with this project

EDIT: Well it looks like some of them are from D/P and some are from Pt/HG/SS (yes, they actually changed the backsprites), so I'm going to be using most of these then.

EDIT: 100 Mega Shock, this is how Gen V Pokemon will be handled:

Quick test with Wichu's editor:

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