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    (This is not quite a sequel to “Lost Memories”, but rather, a reboot (Sort of. I’m not sure how to describe it.)

    This is rated PG-16 for violence, minor blood, and minor romance (Kissing is as far as it can go.)

    A War on Magic

    There is land that exists in a parallel universe to our own. In this land, memories are cast aside. If you manage to end up here, you will lose nearly all memories of your previous life. These memories are re-obtainable, but hardly anyone knows how to. The subject of magic is an extremely controversial topic in the clan based society.

    Recent History:
    20 years ago, a group of about 10 people were sent here. No one knew them, but they were rather important. They were supposed to prevent this war. But for some reason, known to no one, they simply faded out of existence. Neither dying nor going back to their world, they just stopped existing.

    This war, The Great War of Magic, has begun its twentieth year. The Heims clan of the north has recently staged a coup de tat of its allies to the east, the Autunno clan, and has dispatched them with ease. They have shown that they are more technologically advanced, showing off their new invention of the semi-automatic rifle. The snowy climate of their homeland has seemed to have been… following them.

    The two clans to the south and west, Aestiva and Scattare, respectively are struggling to hold their ground against the growing Heims clan.

    Today has been odd. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something about the day just seems off. All day, you have been forgetting things. Such as forgetting what you were just about to say or what the name of that one restaurant you ate at the other day. You dismiss it as “sleep deprivation” or something like that. You lay down to sleep, and as you drift off, you have a dream that you are falling, like the ones that jar you awake…

    …Except you actually are falling. The land around you is covered in snow, but beneath you is water. Something tells you that that water is going to be cold.

    And it is. It’s freezing. You almost get the breath knocked out of you when you hit. Some mysterious power allows you to survive in this water, and you make your way to the snowy beach nearby.

    You’re clothes are soaked, and you are shivering. Across the beach, there are some chests, filled with equipment, weapons, a new set of clothes, and a note. All of it seems so… right. As if it belongs. No matter how foreign it may actually be.

    After getting everything out of the chest, you turn your attention to the note. It is in bad shape, and is torn in many places. Some parts are unreadable. The parts that are readable say:

    Young Warriors,

    The war on magic has gone on for too long. The last group to arrive here failed their task, and now this war has claimed many lives. I believe that you have the ability to stop it. I need you to end this war as soon as possible. I do not care how you accomplish this, as long as it is done.

    You likely have many questions. I do not have the time or the ability to answer them at this time, for I am not there, and cannot anticipate the questions. I can, however, point you to someone who can answer your questions. The nearby town is neutral in this war, and I have an agent who can help you. Go to the inn, and rent the attic room.

    In return for completing this task, I will return your memories, and return you to your home.

    The letter isn’t signed.

    You think: Return my memories? What? Then you notice that you only remember your name, and... and... someone else. You can't quite put your finger on it though...

    The technology of this world has progressed quite differently than that of the other world. Weapons have not progressed very far, with the creation of muskets being rather recent. Other things have progressed quite quickly, such as communication and transportation. There are telephones, cars, trains, and elevators, but planes are not yet available.

    The geography for this world was quite simple, in which it reflected the seasons. The lands of the North, and now the east, belong to the Hiems clan. The land is a perpetual winter. The settlements are larger, but fewer and far between, and there always seems to be a snowstorm. These people are much more technologically advanced than their opponents. They are anti mage.

    To the South is the Aestiva Clan. This land reflects the Summer season. The land is fully of beautiful green trees and rolling plains. The settlements are small, but common.
    The West belongs to the Scattare Clan. The land reflects Spring and all the trees are blooming, and the grass is fresh. The land is similar to the East when it comes to settlements. The South and the Wast are allies and are pro mage.

    There is a small area in the middle of the land in which there are no hostilities. This place, called Crepusculi, is where diplomacy occurs.

    You are allowed up to two characters. The two will not count towards the max limit of 7 people. (As in, there could be seven people, with three of them having two characters.)
    Name: (First name required.)
    Age: (17-25)
    Gender: (Self-explanatory)
    Specialization: (Melee, ranged, or magic*)
    Weapons: (**)
    Personality: (What are you like? 2 paragraphs)
    Appearance: (what do you look like? 2 paragraphs)
    Additional Information: (Anything else?)
    Who do you remember?: (one person. Name and role can be given (i.e. bob, best friend in school) but is not remembered by character.)
    What memento do you have from this person?: (What is something physical that reminds you of this person?)

    *Melee: hand to hand combat, and weapons such as (but not limited to) swords, daggers, and spears.
    Ranged: Bows, guns (flintlock, musket, etc. NO MODERN GUNS.), crossbows, etc.
    Magic: Staff along with magical abilities. Few spells are known at beginning. More learned later on.
    Please do not mix specializations.
    **Melee: One main weapon, (i.e. broadsword) and one secondary weapon (i.e. dagger). Dual wielding allowed.
    Ranged: One ranged weapon (i.e. Longbow) and one melee weapon (i.e. short sword).
    Magic: Staff or shortsword. One weapon. Optional: pick a magic tree to specialize in. Magic is not "bound" to the staff. (you don't have to use or have your weapon to use magic.) Magic is similar to Final Fantasy magic.
    *** History is to be learned as the RP progresses.
    (You are not required to think pro-mage or anti-mage. Please don't all gravitate towards one side.)

    1. No godmodding or bunnying.
    2. Post a minumum of 2 paragraphs. (Some exceptions will be given.)
    3. Respect other Rpers.
    4. Absolutey NO one-liners.
    5. Check grammar and spelling before posting.
    6. Have fun.
    7. If you have a problem, PM me.
    8. Only refer to things that your character would know about. (i.e. things your character sees, not something from someone's Sign Up.)

    1. Bai Kong/Rubi Boudreau (MichaelaTheUchiha)
    2. Lucas Taylor (IDoLikeMudkip)
    3. Jennifer "Jenny" Reoth (MasterLink742)
    4. Lucius Xavier Addams XI (SeekerOfDarkness)
    1. RyanRoksXD

    PM/VM me if you want to chat.
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