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    I'm on my way to Driftveil City to get my 5th badge
    My current team are:
    -Pikachu lvl.36 (Quick Attack,Thunderbolt,Iron tail, Electro Ball)
    -Oshawott lvl.29 (Tackle,Aqua jet,Water gun,Razor shell)
    -Tepig lvl.33 (Tackle,Flame Charge,Ember,Flamethrower)
    -Snivy lvl.31 (Attract,Leaf Blade,Vine Whip,Leaf Strom)
    -Tranquill lvl.24 (Gust,Roost,Air Cutter,Quick Attack)
    -Scraggy lvl.16 (Leer,headbutt,hi jump kick,low kick)

    Unova Pokedex
    Seen 45 Obtained 13
    Trio Badge,Basic badge,Insect badge,Bolt badge