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    Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post

    Evolution is not something you believe in. Evolution is a theory strongly supported by research in biology. If you believe evolution is hogwash, say why. Or is it that you don't have the sufficient understanding nor prudence to do so?
    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    To my mind, not believing in evolution (or by extension, natural selection) is the same as saying "I don't believe in science". The idea that a person could completely disregard something that years and years of research has gone into proving... it seems more than a little ignorant. Going into the science of it myself would be redundant since AK47 has just done it better than I ever could, but if you're choosing to believe in a God the existence of whom is essentially (and conveniently) impossible to prove instead of a scientific theory where you can be shown tactile evidence... I don't understand that.

    Originally Posted by Zet View Post

    I'm a Catholic but I accept evolution. Saying it is hogwash when there's is evidence to strongly support it, and there being genetic links is just ignorance and only makes you look like an idiot.

    Didn't expect everyone would get offended. And I also hope you guys think about it from my perspective before you go calling me ignorant. I'll just ignore anything I might take as an insult...

    My opinion is that, A), evolution is not talked about in the Bible. Whatsoever. Of course, in an aetheistic POV or evolution beleiving point of view, that may not be valid. You could argue that God created us through evolution, but then again, I don't beleive that is so.

    B), Darwin once said that if one found an irreducibly complex part in an organism, then his theory would be proved invalid. Irreducibly complexity is basically when a body part, or something of the sort that is present within an organism, cannot have a part taken out and have it still work. One part of the body that is irreducibly complex is the flagella. If just one part was missing, it would break down and be useless. According to evolution, it should have come about in small changes. How can evolution create that, when one body part is useless without the whole thing? It would have eliminated it, and replaced it with something else if it were essential.

    I could think of more, eventually, but thats what comes to mind atm. Hope I answered any claims that I am being ignorant.

    Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post
    Hey, sign me up.I don't get all this talk about God and Jesus and all that. It just doesn't really make sense to me why people would believe that there's some big omnipresent deity watching over the universe. There's absolutely [i]no[/b] evidence to support the theory, so why people would believe it anyways, I don't know. In old times I know people believed that God (or multiple Gods) created humans and animals and caused stuff like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions but now we know that's not true, so I don't get why people still believe.
    Just wanted to edit this in.
    think about it, for a little, from a christian point of view. If there really was God, couldn't it all be possible?