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Nikolai Afon - Moscow

"Atlanteans are a different race, yes. The average Atlantean is one and a half times a mort-- a normal human being. Not necessarily in height or weight, but in strength, mind, age, endurance, etcetera. Though not all Atlanteans utilise their full potential, they are all capable of it." Natalia laughed at Nikolai's next question. "Indeed. No, in fact, my superior will contact me. In the mean time, you are free to ask me any questions in which I will answer as best as I can."

Nikolai thought for a moment before asking his next question. "So if your organization wants to unite Atlanteans, what does the government want to do with them back in the Atlantean Centre? I mean, obviously they want to know who is and who is not, but that's not all is it?"
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