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if you were a gym leader, what type would you represent? which pokemon would you use? what would your gym look like (special features)? what kind of gym trainers would you pick, and would there be a lot of them?

for me - as much as i love psychic pokemon, i think fire would be the most fun to actually play with (pyromaniac much??? xD). i'd use victini, vulpix, ninetales, and arcanine. i actually think i'd have all females for my trainers (girl power, hehe :3), and just limit it to two or three of them.

as for my gym -- something simple but elegant, white marble and colonnades, so all that fire would stand out a lot more! but i'd also have the lighting be via fire - the chandeliers, wall lamps, etc.

i don't really have the patience to subject my opponents to a journey or puzzle before fighting me, so the path would be pretty straightforward.

your turn!

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