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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
Didn't expect everyone would get offended. And I also hope you guys think about it from my perspective before you go calling me ignorant. I'll just ignore anything I might take as an insult...
Offended by what? You provided a premise and a conclusion and we told you why it's hogwash in itself. Just a typical day for any Philosopher.

My opinion is that, A), evolution is not talked about in the Bible. Whatsoever. Of course, in an aetheistic POV or evolution beleiving point of view, that may not be valid. You could argue that God created us through evolution, but then again, I don't beleive that is so.
HarrisonH committed a fallacy Philosophers like to call the Inconsistency Ad Hominem. What you said is not refuted simply because you do other things that are not mentioned in your bible, such as browsing the internet.

Now, you argue that Evolution is not mentioned in the Bible, therefore, it's false. That's not exactly an argument that can be dealt with unless you add another premise: What exactly is false if its not in the Bible? Science? Everything? I will not say anything yet, as this is not a developed argument. And so, nobody can even say if what you said is valid or not.

The claim that God created through evolution is best described as Intelligent Design. But it would be nice if you could say why that is not true. Or at least finally say if you are in favor of Creationism and what the details of that belief are.
B), Darwin once said that if one found an irreducibly complex part in an organism, then his theory would be proved invalid. Irreducibly complexity is basically when a body part, or something of the sort that is present within an organism, cannot have a part taken out and have it still work. One part of the body that is irreducibly complex is the flagella. If just one part was missing, it would break down and be useless. According to evolution, it should have come about in small changes. How can evolution create that, when one body part is useless without the whole thing? It would have eliminated it, and replaced it with something else if it were essential.

I could think of more, eventually, but thats what comes to mind atm. Hope I answered any claims that I am being ignorant.
I haven't done much research on irreducible complexity, but the arguments do feel flimsy. For example, what does it mean for a system of parts 'to work'? Yes, if you remove a part of the system, it will probably not do the same function as before, but it can probably still function.

Evolution can definitely explain how a part that appears irreducibly complex still come about. The system might have had a different function with just slightly different parts. But a strong push or mutation can theoretically alter parts of the system to change the system itself into something irreducibly complex. This is much better explained in Richard Dawkin's (in)famous book The God Delusion. I also found a video on Youtube that uses computer technology to sort of 'evolve' clocks in a computer program, inductively proving that there can and will be missing links in the fossil record, and that most 'valid' irreducibly complex arguments are flawed as they don't rely on the definition of life [E.g. the watch and the watchmaker]

Just wanted to edit this in.
think about it, for a little, from a christian point of view. If there really was God, couldn't it all be possible?
The most logical thing to believe, as Atheists, would be that there was a first event--the cause of the Big Bang-- and nothing more. Physics and Mathematics took their place as the rulers of the universe and decided for our physical existence. By consequence, we should also believe that consciousness is nothing more than an effect of the functions of our brain, and can be explained someday. We essentially have no free will and are at the mercy of the laws of Quantum Mechanics.

The depressing but scientifically plausible nature of our beliefs are probably why people think we're some goddamn chronically depressed masochists.
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