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Tauros14's Pokemon: Darkness Arising and OOC/SU is accepted!
I would suggest you look over it though, as the coding has broken in many places and using the iOS app makes it seem not what it really is. Try opening it in Safari, logging in and looking at it properly.

dajman1996's Digimon System X3 (Phase 1) is declined.
It's very good so far, you're just lacking one thing; what do the characters have to do with the plot? You have to explain how your player's characters will be implemented into the roleplay and what role they actually play. If you fix that up, it's all good to go!

Conjurer's OOC thread is accepted!

MasterLink742's A War on Magic is accepted!
I closed Lost Memories since it was still ok to be revived by you. We can't have the same roleplay running at the same time, can we!

mzmingle's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Winter Wonders is declined.
It's lacking in storyline. How did this crobat get this power to call evil pokemon? Who did it call? How was this portal created? Please go into more detail!

PokemasterX's The Rise of the Olympians' Champions is declined.
Unfortunately, this is all too similar to Aura Rift's Percy Jackson roleplay. Unless you can think of an extremely original storyline, I'm gonna say no to this.

Slowprincess18's ... thing? is declined.
In these boards, all roleplays must be at a certain standard, including original storyline, ratings, rules sections, sign up templates and just have good grammar and punctuation. Your submitted roleplay pretty much has none of these. If you want to submit a roleplay in these boards, you'll need to read the rules and review other roleplays to get a good idea of what to do.

Stingray's First Contact is accepted!

Breezy.'s The Whirl Cup is accepted!
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